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Swing a DeMarini Voodoo One, Kickstart Your Game

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What can we say in praise of the DeMarini Voodoo One that hasn’t been said already? DeMarini is a name that needs no introduction to serious baseball players – and the Voodoo One is just one of many bats in the DeMarini lineup that is a consistent crowd pleaser.

Available here in varying lengths, weights and weight drops, this is a balanced bat that perfectly merges attributes that everyone from contact hitters to power hitters will love.

This is a one piece alloy bat made from X14 alloy which is not only lightweight but extremely durable and delivers maximum pop. The one piece construction helps to reinforce feedback while improving bat speed over the plate. This enables this BBCOR bat to recreate an experience that is about as close as possible that an alloy bat can get to the performance of a wood bat.

This 2021 DeMarini Voodoo One is also made with DeMarini’s ReAction End Cap, which is made with a mix of lighter, stronger materials, improving and enhancing the handling of the bat. This updated end cap enables higher swing speeds for more power over the plate – a bonus in a bat with balanced swing weighting, as this one has.

This proprietary combination of features in the Voodoo One BBCOR bat increase barrel performance and give the bat a lighter, more responsive feel in the hand. A lighter-feeling bat with improved components to enhance control and swing speed was the goal – and DeMarini achieved it.

Who Should Try One?
This bat is approved for play in Intermediate and Junior League Divisions of Little League, but it also has BBCOR certification for High School and Collegiate leagues. Anyone who is looking for a baseball bat with wood-like performance but with the durability of alloy bats should give one a swing.

Lighter, tougher and less finicky than wood, this is an excellent bat to learn on, especially if you have aspirations for swinging a wood bat once you’ve honed your skills. You’re less likely to break it on contact due to a mishit, but it will still mimic the performance of a wooden bat.

Of course, anyone who’s looking for a balanced bat and simply needs a legal alloy bat for play in Little League, High School or College tournaments would do well to try it out – so pick one up and see for yourself.

I’m Sold – Where Do I Get One?
Don’t look too hard for a new DeMarini Voodoo One – one is closer than you think. Just check out HB Sports online at Headbanger Sports and see what they have in stock. In addition to the new DeMarini Voodoo One, they also carry other top picks from DeMarini, including the CF Glitch, “The Goods,” CF Zen, Sabotage and countless others. They also carry a full line of DeMarini slowpitch and fastpitch softball bats.

They also carry all of the other industry leading names in baseball and softball as well, including but not limited to Louisville Slugger, Easton, Rawlings, Marucci and countless others – in addition to plenty of wooden bats. Check out their website at the link listed above or contact them at 1-888-540-BATS.

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