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The Best Christmas Flowers for a Winter Wonderland-themed Tree

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Are you planning to create a winter wonderland-themed Christmas tree this year? Using Christmas flowers is a great way to give your tree a more whimsical and sophisticated look.

Decorator’s Warehouse offers an amazing collection of faux poinsettias in various styles and colors, perfect for any winter wonderland-themed tree.

Here are some of the best Christmas flowers and colors available at Decorator’s Warehouse that would work perfectly for a winter wonderland-themed tree:

Embossed Poinsettia with Glitter Stem

The Embossed Poinsettia with Glitter Stem is a must-have addition to any white Christmas collection. Its intricate embossed design shimmers and shines when touched by light, and the delicate edging and glittery details add just the right amount of elegance to any setting.

This snowy bloom is sure to radiate beauty and charm whether nestled among the branches of your glitzy tree or adorning a bookcase or centerpiece.

Poinsettia Stem in Ivory and Gold

If you’re looking to add a touch of glam to your winter wonderland-themed tree, look no further than the stunning Poinsettia Stem in Ivory and Gold.

This high-quality design from their Natural Elegance Collection is sure to steal the show with its effervescent charm and mesmerizing neutral tones. Its delicate ivory petals with gold accents make it a perfect centerpiece for your tree.

White with Peppermint Stripes Poinsettia

Add a touch of whimsy to your holiday decor with the White with Peppermint Stripes Poinsettia. This charming design is perfect for cozying up your garlands, wreaths, and tree.

The white petals with their peppermint-edged accents are too adorable to resist, and the bright red piping with the deep berry center is the cherry on top!

This poinsettia is the perfect addition to any Gingerbread Collection, but don’t be afraid to let it crossover into other whimsical themes like Snowberry.

Felt Frosted Poinsettia Stem

The Felt Frosted Poinsettia Stem is an irresistible little number that is sure to steal your heart with its ballet pink petals and sugar-sweet coating.

Its subtle contrasting hues make it perfect to display alongside your gingerbread accents and peppermint-striped sprays. This stem is straight out of Decorator’s Warehouse’s Sweet Shoppe Collection.

Silver & White Sequin Glitter Poinsettia

Get ready to add some sparkle and shine to your winter wonderland-themed tree with the Silver & White Sequin Glitter Poinsettia.

This stunning flower from Decorator’s Warehouse’s White Christmas Collection is a true beauty to behold.

The metallic petals are dipped in glitter for maximum shine, while the dove white petals boast unique sequin features running down the center, adding a touch of glam to your tree.

Adding a few Christmas flower ornaments to your winter wonderland-themed tree is an easy way to make your holiday tree more beautiful and whimsical.

Decorator’s Warehouse offers an incredible collection of Christmas flowers in various styles and colors that are perfect for any winter wonderland-themed tree.

So, go ahead, let your creativity run wild, and create the winter wonderland-themed tree of your dreams with these amazing Christmas flowers available at Decorator’s Warehouse.

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