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The Best Shopify SEO Services For New Merchants

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We all know how tough it can be to make inroads when it comes to building a successful business online. It’s tougher than ever, due in part to the rapid expansion of the eCommerce sector as a whole, which has meant more competition at all levels of online shopping.

Shopify SEO services are an important part of growing your business, but if you are just starting out, it’s important to choose the right agency to partner with. This can make all the difference if you are managing a tight budget and need real results.

Starting With SEO
Search engines are looking for quality. Years ago, there were ways you could somewhat game the system, such as stuffing your meta description with keywords related to your niche. These days, those “tactics” are gone, as the Google algorithm has become incredibly intuitive.

eCommerce SEO in particular requires an in-depth understanding of buyer intent and the purpose behind a certain webpage. If you want your online store to succeed, your marketing needs to be suitably on point. You can’t get by without a cohesive stratgey that actually works to a certain end: your online success.

For Shopify merchants that are just getting started, this is an important step. Getting the right SEO strategy down can mean the difference between generating that success in only a few months versus a few years. While SEO can take a while to get rolling, it’s important to start off as quickly as possible. It’s a journey that needs to be taken seriously, because the alternative is leaving your rankings up to the whims of fate, and you already know how that will end up.

Shopify SEO services that are done right can be an incredibly effective way of building a strong foundation for your business that will pave the way for your future success. You may understand this on a conceptual level, but as an eCommerce merchant, how much do you really understand about SEO and the value it can provide? Let’s dig a little deeper.

The Benefits of Shopify SEO (New Merchants Pay Attention!)
While the general idea of ranking better on Google is appealing to everyone, the actual ins and outs of SEO benefits can mystify even long-time digital marketers. Just what is it about SEO that makes it so valuable? Here’s a short list of points to consider:

●Increased organic traffic for important transactional keywords. (Increases the likelihood that someone will find your website naturally and actually buy a product.)

●Strong brand image. As your Shopify website ranks for more keywords and appears higher in the search results, users will have more trust in your brand and will come to associate you with those keywords.

●Better UX and page optimizations in general. Part of good Shopify SEO is in the ways in which pages on your website will be optimized. This is another part of the marketing process that is often overlooked in the beginning. You can throw a bunch of money at paid advertising and other marketing tactics but if your web pages aren’t optimized you are likely throwing away money. These enhancements often include page speed improvements, more descriptive titles and product descriptions, informative blogs, and the blocking of spam backlinks.

●The ongoing addition of authority backlinks. It’s difficult to acquire backlinks, which is one reason why Shopify SEO services are so important. Especially when you are first starting out and your website is fresh, you need backlinks that will prove to Google that you are worth looking at.

●A content strategy that helps your users and promotes conversions. It’s certainly not enough to write random blogs, although all content helps. A smart agency will be able to craft blogs for your website that masterfully incorporate your keywords and that work in tandem with backlinks and other arms of the overall strategy, for best results and more informed users. This leads to more time on site, lower bounce rates, and improved organic conversions.

After reading through this small list of points, it’s pretty clear that partnering with an SEO agency for your Shopify marketing is critical. Such an agency can help tackle multiple pain points that new eCommerce shops often experience:

●Low conversion rates
●Poor brand awareness
●Lack of a coherent strategy
●Technical SEO issues
●Empty blogs

eCommerce marketing performed by a capable agency is how you are going to get from where you are now to where you want to be. This isn’t an easy process, but with the help of the right Shopify SEO experts, you won’t have nearly as much friction when it comes to ironing out a strategy and actually making some headway in the SERPS.

So where do you begin?

Why Genius eCommerce Ranks as One of the Best Shopify SEO Companies
If you do a little digging online, you’re likely to come across Genius eCommerce. They are recognized as one of the leading agencies when it comes to providing top-notch SEO for Shopify stores. This is because everything they do is customized to the individual merchant, starting with brand analysis and keyword research. A strategy is formed that takes into account everything from the newness of the website and domain, to the specific business goals the merchant may want to achieve several months or even years down the road. Their reviews speak for themselves, so if you want to start your eCommerce business off on the right foot, it’s definitely worth giving them a call at 267.225.1946

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