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The Best Ways to Choose E Cig Liquid Flavors

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Deciding on the flavors you want to use is a big part of the fun in vaping. You certainly have plenty of options to choose from when shopping for your next e cig liquid flavors, so many in fact, you might find it tricky to narrow down your choices until you get to the few that you really like and really want to try. It might help if you started looking at e cig liquid flavors in terms of categories, so that you can look at the flavors that fall under each grouping. We broke down vape juice flavors into three larger groups that you can use for reference if you need some help choosing your next vape refills.

Fan Favorites
The most popular flavors have gotten so much love over the years for good reason. They are usually sweet, fruity flavors that remind us of the cadies, soda, and popsicles we had growing up and still enjoy as adults. Flavors like strawberry and grape are classics and well-loved by many, so they are good to start off with as a safe bet, while you are establishing your list of personal favorites.

Less Common Flavors
Certain flavors definitely get more love and attention than others, but we really have to appreciate it when vape brands go out of their way to give us new, interesting flavors like tobacco, coffee, or cucumber. Some flavors are not as common as others, but they are still exciting to see when they are around. It is always fun to try out new flavors and experiment with your taste buds. If anything, these kinds of flavors provide a nice break from all the flavors you are used to seeing and trying for yourself.

Your Favorite Few
Some of us just know what we like and we prefer to stick to it whenever we can. We know that we have other options, but they just don’t do the same for us as our true favorites do. If you are this type of person, then you might just want to try out a few e cig liquid flavors until you find the ones that you love and you stick to them. Having an idea of what your favorite flavors of things are in general could also help you to pick your vape juice flavors for the first time. Then you are free to vape with your favorite flavors and nothing else if that is what you prefer. It is usually a good idea to try out new things, see what is out there, and develop our tastes, but many of us are just not like that by habit. Once you know what you like, you just do not feel the need to explore anymore. While you are shopping for e cig liquid flavors, you can just continue to purchase and repurchase your favorites in value sizes so that you can get the best value possible. Stock up on your favorite flavors and enjoy.

Once you figure out what kinds of e cig liquid flavors you want to try out, you can go ahead and pick up some vape pods or bottles of vape liquid to get started vaping with exciting flavors that sound the best to you. An easy way to try new vape flavors that you are not sure about is to use disposable vape pens. They give you the experience of a new flavor without having to buy an entire pack of vape refills. You can find lots of great flavors that fall into these categories above over at, in disposable vape pens or complete refills. Try them out and let yourself have some fun finding your new favorites.

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