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The Importance of Sustainable Fashion and Its Impact on the Earth

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What makes sustainable fashion? This has been probably the question that boggles the minds of anyone who so kindly wants to reduce the environmental impact fashion does on our planet. Regardless of where you came from, we can all agree on some very basic things that have something to do with clothes—we shouldn’t risk paying for inexpensive clothing if what it does is kill the Earth. For one thing, inexpensive garments are generally of poor quality that will easily tear, look old after a few washes, or don’t retain their shape after being stretched, and so on.

An increasing extent of fashion brands has decided to make a massive shift and take into account the environmental and social impact of their production by producing sustainable dresses and other articles of clothing. Although there still are brands out there that shamelessly taken advantage of consumer impulse-buying because of the inexpensive prices of their clothes being advertised worldwide. Remember though, when you buy better quality clothing, you’re spending less in the long run! Better quality clothing allows us to keep our clothes longer which reduces wastes piling up in the landfill and keeps us above water with the minimum spending on clothes that we do.

Advance Apparels agrees as much as you with their sustainable dresses carefully crafted from sustainable Tencel fabric. With softness that feels like Sunday morning, Advance Apparels clothes are known for their quality that doesn’t wrinkle easily and Umbrella Dresses of excellent drape and vibrant colors made with organic vegetable dye. With Tencel fabric being the main star of the show, Advance Apparels helps eliminate the environmental negatives made by other poor-quality clothing brands.

How does Tencel fabric help create sustainable dresses?
Tencel® is an increasingly popular set of fibers called lyocell and modal, an eco fiber of the highest quality plant-based fibers that are generated from the wood cellulose of farmed eucalyptus trees. They are known to have an incredibly soft texture and fabulous drape that almost feels like toes buried in the sand. Tencel® has made fashion more sustainable from its materials made from organic fibers and biodegradable dyes that add playful colors to the fabric to engineering standards that create minimal to zero impact on the environment. Natural materials made from cellulose fiber like Tencel® are synthetically made originating from plant sources like lyocell, which is significantly better than petroleum-derived synthetics like polyester, acrylic, and nylon.

Other ways to support the sustainable fashion movement
More and more brands are currently dominating the fast fashion industry making thousands of people wanting to keep up with the latest fashion “trend”. In result, millions of garments have piled up in the landfill because of the planned obsolescence of clothing these fashion brands stand for. Each year, tons of clothing are thrown away contributing to the harmful CO2 that’s increasing over time.

Buying sustainable clothing like that of Advance Apparel can do great things for you and for the environment. Let us stop abusing everything free like the oxygen that we breathe and choose quality over price. Check out the Advance Apparel website and invest in hip and sustainable dresses.

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