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The JUUL Accessories You Want for Your Vape

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As someone who enjoys vaping frequently, you probably have a sizable supply of various vape liquids in all of the flavors you could get your hands on. You run through new, interesting flavors and get excited discovering new flavors of vape juices. Those of you who enjoy the JUUL brand vapes in particular must have an entire stash of their vape pods so you won’t run out.

You can spend hours and hours of your day vaping and not get tired. But of course, with all of that steady vaping, at some point you will need to refill that vape and recharge your battery. As much as you enjoy the fun of vaping, it can only go on if you keep them charged and ready to go. For brand loyal JUUL users, that means you will always want to have the best JUUL accessories around to keep your vape charged. Before you can keep the vape liquids flowing, you will first want to make sure you have just the right kinds of JUUL accessories on hand.

USB Chargers & Cables
We can start off pretty simple with a USB charger and micro USB cable combination. You will most definitely want to have at least one of these, possibly with a new pair left in each of the locations you expect to need it. It is hard to go wrong with having a few micro USB cables because they really get put to work, connecting your devices to any available port at home, work, or in the car. Those of you with pets might also know the struggle of trying to keep your USB cables away from their gnawing teeth. These charging cables also seem to be in one hand and out the other when you have a friend who always needs to “borrow” yours. USB adapters generally last a lot longer in your life and come with the added bonus of sometimes having multiple charging ports within the same device, making it easy for you to charge your vape and phone or vape and earbuds conveniently at the same time. Out of all the JUUL accessories you could get, make sure you have one or two of these duos at all times.

Portable Chargers
Another good option to have for easily recharging your JUUL pen is a charging station meant specifically for your JUUL brand vaporizer. Take a look at the VQ Volt for instance. It is a portable, patented, universal charger that fits your JUUL vaporizer perfectly. It is slim and easy to carry with you wherever you go. Having a small portable charger like this for your vape is incredibly convenient and lets you enjoy a full charge of vape when you leave the house without having to find any outlet or adapter to charge it. The VQ Volt charger is made even better when you realize that it can also be attached to the back of your cell phone, work desk, car dashboard, or really any other flat surface within reach where you want to leave your vaporizer to charge. This is because of the powerful magnets and VQ Steel plates that come with it. Charge your VQ Volt and vaporizer at night and enjoy both fully charged devices for the next day to keep you vaping for hours on end.

Out of all the JUUL accessories you could get your hands on, make sure that you add these ones to the list. The only way you can put all of those fun vape juice flavors to good use is to keep your vape charged when you need it. The right accessories can make that easy and convenient for you wherever you are. Get your hands on these JUUL accessories right now at Vaportronix and keep your vape going strong.

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