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The Making of a More Durable Off-Road LED Light Bar

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A quality off-road LED light bar can make the difference between tackling the outdoors confidently and not being able to adequately see the trail ahead of you. Truth is, a quality LED light bar can do much more than this. The light bars available at Diode Dynamics are not just useful for off-roading. They’re available in a range of sizes and in several different beam patterns that make them useful not only for off-road, but also for on-road use. Some of their beam patterns are equally useful as flood lights or impromptu work lights as well.

Regardless of the beam pattern you choose, regardless of the color that suits you, and regardless of the size you wish to pair with your vehicle, the Stage Series LED light bars available at Diode Dynamics are built to deliver. Here’s what they offer.

A Tough, Durable Housing
Without even touching the performance of the diode element or the optics of these off-road LED light bars, the quality is immediately evident. Each of them is housed within a durable powder coated extrusion that protects the light bar from mechanical stress as well as against the elements. Your light bar will last much longer with this level of quality and protection in its corner, but it is far from the only feature that engenders reliability and performance.

Extensively Tested for Reliability
The Stage Series LED Light Bars at Diode Dynamics are extensively tested for reliability and performance, much like all of the automotive lighting technology they provide. These off-road LED light bars, in particular, are tested to remain operable through extreme temperatures, from -40 to 185 Fahrenheit. In the coldest winters and even through sweltering summer temperatures, these light bars will light up and reach their full brightness effectively immediately.

Resistant to the Elements
Diode Dynamics’ also extensively tests its light bars to ensure that they are resistant to the elements. Specifically, these light bars have been developed and tested to resist moisture-intrusion, corrosion and even vibration. As you are probably well-aware, these are some environmental conditions against which off-road recreational vehicles, and the lights they utilize, routinely come.

At some point or other, an off-road vehicle is going to come up against some adverse conditions, whether from the rain or from self-imposed mudding. It’s good to know that your vehicle’s auxiliary lighting can resist not only the moisture itself but also the corrosion that would otherwise follow.

Optically Superior
The Stage Series off-road LED light bars sold by Diode Dynamics are also the optically superior solution on the market at the present time. Other producers of LED auxiliary lighting and other off-road lights are in the habit of utilizing cupped reflectors in an attempt to focus the output. This does focus the output, but wastes a lot of light to glare and scattering.

Diode Dynamics responded by creating what they call “Total Internal Reflection” or TIR Optics, which direct all of the light output exactly where intended, for a beam that appears brighter, sharper and clearer, regardless of the beam pattern.

Easy to Mount and Wire
Diode Dynamics’ high quality Stage Series Light Bars are also easy to mount and wire. They’re available and compatible with a series of vehicle specific mounts that attach to factory mounting points so you don’t need to make permanent adjustments or modifications to your vehicle.

They also take a DT-Type Deutsch-Style connector and come with bare leads so you can do the wiring yourself, although you can also get a wiring harness from Diode Dynamics to simplify installation and wiring.

To learn more about their unique auxiliary lighting products, visit today or get in touch with their customer service team at 314-205-3033 or at [email protected].

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