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The Nimbus Shadow Touring Handle Set: The Ideal Handle Configuration for Long-Distance Unicycle Riding?

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One of the most common questions prospective long-distance unicyclists have is some iteration of the following:

“What handle setup should I use? Can I buy one or do I have to do a custom set up?”

Well, you can do a custom set up, but there are some pre-configured options out there that offer a lot of value.

Options like the Nimbus Shadow Touring Handle Set, for instance, which are available online at Unicycle.com.

Here’s what it offers.

Nimbus Shadow Touring Handle Set: Figures, Features, and “Good to Know” Things
The Nimbus Shadow Touring Handle is a lightweight, modular, and remarkably versatile handle system with a low-profile base, engineered to offer maximum performance.

It is exceptionally strong and lightweight, and at only 2.85lbs total won’t add a lot to your long-distance setup. It also bypasses the traditional 4-bolt seatpost fitting, instead utilizing the front and rear handle bolts.

This makes the Nimbus Shadow Touring Handle stronger and more rigid than alternatives. It’s also supported by BMX-style pivotal seat bolts, adding to its strength and allowing for a 4×6-degree adjustment via a high-tensile bolt.

The set includes two standard “T” extensions that are 400mm long (they can be cut to desired length) which are also adjustable via a clamp by up to 100mm. The handles can be fitted facing up, down, or straight.

As observed by customers that have used (and reviewed) this handle system, it is extremely modular and one of the greatest advantages of the system is that it allows you to keep your weight on your “sit bones” for greater comfort over longer distances.

It also helps to keep your rig steady, enabling a rider to lean into any camber on a path.

Moreover, the Nimbus Shadow Touring Handle offers attachment points, primarily at the rear – for carrying packs and bags, serving like an improvised rack system. This feature can also be used to adjust the weight distribution of the whole rig.

Another great feature of the Nimbus Shadow Handle is that when one of the “T” bars is laying on the ground, it will hold the unicycle upright, sort of like an improvised kickstand.

Please note that the Nimbus Shadow Touring Handle system is not compatible with the Nimbus Classic Saddle, the Kris Holm Zero Fusion Saddle, or any saddle that uses 10mm acorn nuts. For a more comprehensive breakdown of compatibility, please consult the previous link.

Saddles, Handles, Seat Tubes, and Bike Seatpost Clamps: Unicycle Parts and Accessories, Backed by Experience
Are you looking for a new handle system for your setup that’s optimized for versatility and distance riding?

Are you looking for a new, more comfortable saddle, like the Nimbus Air Saddle?

Do you simply need parts or components for your rig, such as bike seatpost clamps, pedals, hardware, or unicycle tools?

Visit Unicycle.com. They carry all of these and their customer service is second to none. If you have questions about what they carry (Nimbus Shadow Touring Handle or otherwise) contact them at 678-494-4962.

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