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The Perfect Time of The Day To Light a Fine Cigar

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Lighting a cigar means more than class. It’s also about relaxing and celebrating everything that makes you awesome. For years, people thought that lighting up your favorite Cubans is only done in big and significant celebrations like the bachelor’s party, the NBA finals, and during the time when you got a promotion with a big pay raise at work. It’s also done after a dinner date (that is if you and the missus are both cool like Robin and Barney from HIMYM). Even the crisp aroma of an unlit cigar takes you back to the most cherished and fond memories which are worth taking a trip down to during the weekend when the workweek is done are you’re putting your feet up to relax.

If you’re a beginner and wondering the best time to light a cigar, check out these tips below as you go through the cigars for sale online.

Tea Time
Having a cup of coffee with a cigar in the morning is not the most magnificent moment to light a cigar. You want to be alert in the morning time and smoking a cigar is not the way to do that because of the effect nicotine does on our brain. Nicotine is present in tobacco—which is an ingredient in all cigars, premium or not—and it induces relaxation and relieves anxiety, thus, making you feel sleepy. Tea Time in the afternoon is the perfect pair and the ideal time to light up a fine sun-grown Maduro. This could also become your signature afternoon ritual which is why you need a reliable supplier of fine cigars for sale online. For a committed cigar aficionado, if you have plans on smoking after dinner, you best choose a milder cigar to avoid crushing your taste buds. Ashton is a premium cigar brand that is known for its mild strength and generous notes of cedar, almonds, and crème brulée.

After Dinner
When you’re at a wedding dinner, or basically any dinner that calls for a fine taste of premium cigar right after is an enjoyable time after an exquisite meal. If you’re out with friends or at home, you can either conclude your evening with a great Toro. It’s the perfect moment of the day to be covering your palate with the savory notes of cocoa, caramel, and cinnamon. It’s also an ideal marker of a memorable dinner such as your best friend’s wedding dinner maybe, where you and your married friends are gathered outside, sharing a box of fine Cohiba Blue or an aged whole cigar like My Father Cigars La Promesa.

Basically, the aroma and the nostalgia effect of fine tobacco smoke is one of the main reasons why there are many people who are so interested in lighting a cigar. The richness and flavorful quality of these cigars will always remind you of a memorable moment in your life that you have shared with the people you love.

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