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The Problem with Some Belly Band Holsters for Running

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Those who take self-defense and preparation seriously would not be without means of protection even when it would be inconvenient. That would counteract the premise of preparedness. There are some times throughout the day and throughout the course of a normal routine where some might find it more difficult than others to carry a gun.

Such inconvenience or difficulty might be encountered during any time you devote to personal fitness, such as biking, jogging, or running. There aren’t a lot of holsters designed for strenuous activity while still making concealed carry practical. However, it is during these types of activities that your attention can be periodically compromised, or where you may find yourself removed from help and vulnerable. They’re not activities where you can afford to be unprepared.

Understandably, some companies keyed in on this need for a holster that was specifically designed for physical activity and came out with a number of different types of belly band holsters for running. That is, there have been many manufacturers that released belly band style holsters that were supposed to be well designed for running.

In theory, a belly band holster is an excellent solution. Many of them have very thin profiles, conceal the handgun, are comfortable to wear, and are located within easy access at your midsection, situated conveniently and accessible if you ever need to draw your gun. Since they fit snugly around your middle, they shouldn’t interfere with strenuous activity or become uncomfortable throughout the day.

Of course, that is in theory. In practice, many belly band gun holsters that are said to be designed for running fall quite a bit short of these marks. They do fit around your midsection, but they typically do not fully enclose the firearm. In addition, to keep the profile slim, many of them are made with thin fabric that prints the firearm, or worse, allows access to the trigger through the material.

Also, since many of them seem to have been designed with a focus on economy and appearance rather than on functionality, they do not fit comfortably and are prone to flopping, bouncing, rolling, or shifting on your body when you run with them.

This deficiency left a glaring opportunity in the industry and paved the way for an insightful producer to design, develop and deliver a belly band holster for running that was comfortable and practical. That’s what Pistol Wear set out to do, and they have accomplished the objective.

Pistol Wear designed and developed a series of holsters that are designed with fitness and practicality in mind. Models such as their PT-ONE and PT-2 Concealment Holsters have been purposely designed to meet these challenges and deliver reliable solutions.

Both of these models are emblems of quality, made with premium materials and exhibiting excellent workmanship. They’re also designed to fully enclose the handgun they carry and contain a rigid outer wall that prevents printing and prevents access to the firearm from without.

They’re also engineered for comfort, and when worn and adjusted properly, will not shift on the body. Holsters are notorious for bouncing when the user is jogging or running. However, these holsters will not bounce, even when the user is engaged in these strenuous activities. They even contain a perspiration barrier to further protect the firearm and a breathable belt to enhance the comfort of their design.

In many ways, they are the ideal solution to the need for a belly band holster for running. To see a full list of their features, visit They have plenty of resources and information on their website, but you can also get directly in touch with them at 1-918-289-2976 if you so choose.

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