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The Pros of Laminate Furniture

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Laminate furniture is made from a combination of paper fibers or wood pulp that are bound with a composite material known as melamine. The top layer hardens into a resin that can be customized with a wide range of colors, patterns, and finishes. Laminate is highly sought after for use in public spaces.

Because it is manufactured, it is very customizable and has a large number of advantages over conventional office materials like solid wood, steel, aluminum, and even other synthetics.

Here’s what you should know about laminate furniture as an alternative.

One of the biggest draws of laminate furniture has to be cost, since, in general, it is much more affordable than solid wood pieces. Depending on where and how you buy it, it can be more affordable than steel or aluminum, too.

In fact, not only is laminate more affordable than solid wood, but it is also usually more affordable than wood veneer furniture, too, while providing similar aesthetic appeal and greater durability.

Simplicity of Maintenance
Laminate furniture maintenance is a breeze compared to real wood and other alternatives. For the most part, you don’t need to worry about cleaning agents damaging it, and in most cases, it can be cleaned with warm water and a sponge, anyway.

This is in contrast to wood, which is absorbent, temperamental, and can be easily damaged by many common and commercially available cleaning agents.

Aside from routine, cursory cleaning, laminate furniture is basically maintenance-free. Exposure to high-humidity and temperature swings can cause wood to warp or crack, but the same won’t happen to laminate. Just protect it from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and you’re good to go.

Suitability for High-Traffic Areas
Laminate furniture has several attributes that make it suitable for use in high-traffic areas like public buildings, offices, and schools.

For one, unlike wood, it is flame retardant, which in some instances can improve its safety when used in public areas.

It is also naturally antimicrobial, so it won’t encourage the growth of pathogens, making it potentially viable in schools and medical facilities.

Laminate furniture is extremely durable and in many cases is much more durable than wood furniture. Specifically, it is very scratch resistant, and since it is not particularly absorbent, it is stain resistant as well.

Laminate Holds Its Value Well
If you care for laminate furniture properly, it will hold its value well for many years and you may even be able to recover some of your initial investment by selling it to a liquidator.

Plenty of Options
Because laminate pieces are synthetic, there are endless ways to customize it in terms of color, surface gloss, and finish.

For traditionalists, also, there are a wide range of wood-grain appearance options available in laminate furniture as well, so you can get the same look as wood without the cost and maintenance requirements.

Interested in Outfitting Your Office or Public Space with Laminate Furniture?
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