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The Real Difference Between Pre Built and Custom Gaming Computers

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You know you need to invest in a high-quality gaming computer if you want to play your favorite games without being bothered by constant FPS drops or unending load times. More importantly, you want to make sure your rig will continue to offer reliable performance for the next few years without you having to change any vital components, and still play the latest titles at high settings.

This level of reliability is difficult to achieve with prebuilt computers. This is because prebuilt PCs are built for delivering middle-of-the-road performance for an affordable price. This is to say that they rarely use the latest components, and usually skimp on parts that most users won’t even bother checking, such as RAM sticks or power supply units. Even those prebuilt PCs labeled high-end tend not to focus on any specific aspect of performance as they´re built to appeal to a wider audience so they can leave the shelves faster.

When you’re serious about gaming, you need a machine that excels at what you do with it. For example, graphics cards are a complete necessity if you are into First Person Shooters that need incredibly fast reaction times, while those into strategic gaming would definitely use as much processing power as they can get.

Prebuilt computers do not take these slight differences into account, always providing specialized gamers an underwhelming experience. Moreover, they usually leave little room for customization options if you decide to go the DIY way later on. When buying prebuilt gaming rigs from department stores or from Original Equipment Manufacturers, you are stuck with what they have inside. If you try to change anything, they threaten you to void the warranty and leave you on your own, forcing you to stick with a lemon for longer than you should. Sometimes manufacturers make it difficult to open their cases by using weird screws or use incredibly inaccessible cases that severely limit internal space, making it impossible to change or add anything. In short: prebuilt computers can be a bad investment if you don´t know what you’re doing.

That’s why custom gaming computers have become so popular lately. Most online PC builders today allow you to choose the components you want, giving you the freedom to build something you know will continue to offer amazing performance for years to come. Additionally, when you buy a custom gaming PC, you can decide how much room you want according to your future plans. For example, if you know you will need dual graphic cards but don’t have the money yet, you can get a full tower and a high-performance motherboard with at least 2 PCI slots. You can furnish it with the first graphics card and game away until you can afford that second card without worrying about warranties or space issues. That’s exactly how I got my racing sim setup, and I could not be happier with it.

Of course, the overall quality of your rig will depend on where you build your custom gaming computer. CLX Gaming has the most intuitive gaming PC builder in the market and offers the latest components to build high-end gaming PCs. All of their machines are put together by real gamers, and they make sure each of your components works perfectly tuned to each other, giving you the option to overclock your components and install custom cooling systems and RGB lighting. Their customization options even go as far as offering completely customized and professional paint jobs for a more personalized custom PC.

CLX Gaming also offers lifetime tech support service and up to three years of parts warranty to protect your investment.

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