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The Ultimate Glass Smoke Shop Guide

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Why is Glass Superior?
Some smokers prefer papers, some prefer wraps, others like to smoke using glass. Glass is a great material for smoking because when it is used, the glass heats up but does not burn or melt. Glass has an extremely high melting point, around 2700 degrees Fahrenheit, which cannot be achieved just by smoking from it. A major benefit to glass is that it doesn’t emit any carcinogens or tars in the smoke like papers and wraps do.

Glass is also pretty durable, within reason. Of course, dropping your glass piece on cement will probably result in it breaking however, a glass piece can be reused infinitely as long as it is often cleaned and well cared for. Reusing glass pieces is also beneficial to the environment because they create less waste than rolled papers and wraps.

How to Find a Glass Piece That is Right For You?
Going to a glass smoke shop can be pretty intimidating if you aren’t well versed in the terminology. How can you know what you want, when you aren’t sure what you’re looking at? When picking out a glass piece, some things you need to ask yourself are “Will I prefer a water pipe or a dry pipe?”, “What size pipe will be comfortable for me?”, and “What pipe will fit my style best?”. These questions will help you decide on the glass piece that will fit your lifestyle.

Glass Pipes
A “dry” glass pipe is usually smaller than a water pipe and can be held in your hand. They are the simplest to use out of most pipes and are ready to use immediately after purchase. Glass pipes can come in all shapes and sizes and designs but are typically no larger than you can hold in your hand which makes them extremely portable and great for daily use.

Glass Water Pipe
Water pipes are much larger than dry glass pipes and usually take two hands to hold. On average, a glass water pipe is 10-14 inches in height. A glass water pipe uses water as a filtration system to cool down the smoke before inhalation. After purchasing, you will need to fill up the water chamber with water before using it. Then when ready to smoke, draw the smoke through the water in the water pipe to activate the filtration system.

Glass Bubbler Pipe
Some people prefer the portability and convenience of the dry glass pipe but enjoy the cool filtrated smoke that glass water pipes produce. Luckily, glass bubbler pipes blend the best of both of these worlds. Glass bubbler pipes are small and can be handheld just like dry glass pipes but also have a water chamber and work similarly to a water pipe. Due to their size, glass bubbler pipes are great for traveling and at-home daily use.

What is Your Style?
Once you decide on a type of glass piece that is perfect for you, you will need to pick one that matches your style. Glass pipes come in all different colors and designs, and it is important to find one that describes you. A pipe is an extension of yourself and should reflect who you are as a person. This can be achieved through a unique design, a bold color, or a blank slate. Whatever the style, just be sure that it matches you!

Find your perfect glass piece at the best glass smoke shop in Fort Lauderdale, Hip Cat Smoke Shop, or visit their website, They have a wide selection of glass pipes, water pipes, and glass bubbler pipes that will be sure to catch your eye.

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