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Three Essential Elements of a Women’s Gun Holster

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Tired of holsters that make big claims, but are so poorly designed they make you flinch? There are better women’s gun holsters out there, and you can find them if you’re willing to winnow through the chaff. You just need to keep some very important considerations in mind. When evaluating a women’s gun holster, make sure that, at minimum, it accounts for the following three factors. Anything else is nice to have, but these are critical.

Retention and Security
Retention and security are two of the most important features in a gun holster, and not just in a gun holster for women. Retention refers to the method by which the holster “secures” the firearm in place. In other words, it’s how the holster works.

Some holsters, including a few leather and Kydex models, work via friction. They simply provide enough friction to hold the gun in place. Typically, soft breathable neoprene and nylon holsters (as well as some leather holsters) secure the firearm with straps.

Other holsters feature entire compartments that completely enclose the firearm; many belly band holsters are so designed. Complete enclosure is acceptable provided concealed carry is permitted and the holster does not allow external access to the firearm through the fabric.

Whatever holster you choose must fully secure the firearm, preventing unholstering except by a deliberate, purposeful act on behalf of the wearer. The feature of retention is vital to the security of the firearm, as well as the safety of the wearer and company.

As far as other security features are concerned, the holster should sit comfortably and securely on your body, eliminating access to the trigger. If your firearm has an external hammer, you might also prefer a holster that covers it.

Another important feature in a women’s gun holster is accessibility. While not all concealed carry holsters are “quick-draw” models (nor should they be) a holster that thwarts your efforts to draw or reholster is not only unsafe but impractical.

Part of accessibility is not only where the firearm rides on your body, but the consistency with which the holster performs. Any retaining features should disengage predictably and in a manner consistent with expectations. Additionally, the holster should not be prone to sagging or shifting, and these will frustrate your efforts to train with your holster and firearm, and can result in dangerous conditions should you ever be called upon to draw your firearm in a real life scenario.

Finally, concealability is a crucial factor to consider, despite the fact that it only applies to holsters for concealment. It’s not something you need to evaluate in an OWB holster or any other model that was expressly designed for open carry.

Some holsters are too bulky to be seriously considered for concealed carry, and others are prone to printing themselves or the firearm itself, especially when worn with clothing that is not well suited to the practice.

A holster that is compatible with a wide range of clothing and is discrete will help protect you and prevent suspicion, making concealability one of the most important features to evaluate in a women’s gun holster that won’t be used for open carry.

Bonus Attributes: Aesthetically Pleasing Design, Compatibility with Accessories
The Lady Defender Concealment Holster, available online at, meets all of the above criteria for security, retention and concealment. When adjusted properly, it will not shift or migrate and secures the firearm at the front of the body or higher up around the midsection, even under the arm.

It’s also subtly accented with lace and embroidery, the Lady Defender is thoughtfully designed for a feminine audience. Suitable for subcompact handguns less than 6.5 inches in overall length, it can accommodate a trigger guard mounted laser sight and is compatible with belt extension accessories for extra magazines.

To learn more about this purpose-built women’s gun holster, visit Pistol Wear at the address listed above or give them a call at 1-918-289-2976.

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