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Three-Main Things To Consider Before Buying that Weed Pipe

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Finding the proper pipe to get the best out of your smoking experience is a force of habit for seasoned cannabis smokers. And with the innovation in technology and art that is invested in creating various sizes, shapes, materials, and styles of weed pipes, it goes without saying that choosing the right one has become more challenging these days. As a matter of fact, even seasoned smokers have had their fair share of time having trouble picking the right one that suited their specific lifestyle and individual preferences—which resulted in a collection of pipes in varied forms and sizes. Consequently, to avoid spending unnecessary purchases on pipes you’re not even going to use and will eventually result in a strange hoarder’s character, here’s an explanatory analysis on things you should consider before buying that pipe.

Do you know how you try on a dozen pairs of sunglasses before you finally pick the one that suited you most? Well, picking the right pipe is just like that, only better. What you need to know apart from the size of a pipe is its feel. Once you see the pipe online, try going to a head shop and have a feel of that exact product in your hands. It’s also crucial for a pipe to deliver smoke that flows freely so it would be considered a perfect pipe. Nowadays, you would prefer borosilicate glass pipe rather than any other pipe material as this is the only paraphernalia that delivers unadulterated cannabis smoke.

As much as size is concerned, you may want to choose a taller, bigger pipe, a bong maybe, if you’re planning on hosting a frequent cannabis party where everyone just chill and relax together. But if you’re a regular smoker who wants to feel inspired and creative in the middle of a workday, you need something that is easily hidden. Something which portability is no longer an issue as you can just put it right into your little pocket for utmost discretion.

Easy Cleaned
It is important that you clean your pipes regularly before using them again in the next session. Resin build-up might be evident in the pipes, ruining flavor and emitting a weird aroma that is not purely from your fresh herbs. The resin build-up is that black gunk and tar pretty much visible at the bottom of your pipe. Sure different curves and styles of pipes add more to its panache plus, it looks really cool when you’re using it. But we’re only here for a bit of style, what we’re here mainly is to know the main things you should take into consideration when buying a weed pipe

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