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TiAlN Coated End Mills Last Longer

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The tremendous impact pressures that milling cutters are subjected to can quickly wear them out. Fatigue on your end mills and drill bits, especially when cutting tougher materials like steel and cast iron, can weaken their cutting blades, especially at high speeds. Using TiAlN coated end mills is one of the greatest ways to keep your tools running for longer periods of time.

TiAlN, or titanium aluminum nitride, is a metastable hard coating material used on a variety of cutting instruments. It is even tougher than tungsten carbide and high-speed steel alloys. This means it will safeguard your precision tools’ sharp cutting edges from the wear and tear of machining.

While applying a coating to a tool’s cutting edge may appear to be a quick way to dull it, you must first understand how these instruments are treated. Physical vapor deposition is used to apply the majority of fine tool coatings. The TiAlN coating is vaporized when the tools are placed in a vacuum chamber. The coating subsequently returns to its solid state, adhering directly to the cutting tool’s surface.

This method ensures that the coating is applied without any bubbles or gaps emerging between the tool and the coating. TiAlN coated end mills are not only harder than the tool material, but they also have a reduced coefficient of friction. This implies that when they come into touch with your workpiece, they cause less friction. Less friction equals less heat and a higher level of efficiency.

A variety of circumstances can reduce the tool’s lifespan. Cutting speed, feed rates, tool material, workpiece material, machine type, and cooling systems are all factors to consider. A TiAlN coated end mill can last up to 10 times longer than a non-coated tool by resisting the extreme heat involved in machining. TiAlN has quickly become one of the most common tool coating materials due to its increased efficiency.

TiAlN coated tools are appropriate for a variety of activities where other tools would be at danger. Coated tools, particularly carbide-coated tools, are an excellent choice for high-speed machining. This is due to the fact that carbide draws its cutting power from ceramic tungsten carbide, a heat-resistant substance. To make the raw material from which carbide tools are created, powdered ceramic is bonded together with a binding metal. This produces tools that benefit from the resilience and flexibility of metal and the incredible hardness of ceramics.

Carbide is roughly twice as strong and rigid as steel alloy tools, making it an ideal material for end mill construction. Solid carbide cutting tools with a TiAlN coating can operate at extremely high speeds and feeds without being harmed by the high temperatures that ensue. If you wish to avoid the inconvenience of frequent tool replacements while cutting ferrous materials such as steel or cast iron, TiAlN coated end mills are a must.

You should go to if you’re looking for some high-performance TiAlN coated end mills for your shop. Online Carbide is a solid carbide end mill and drill bit manufacturer based in the United States that specializes in high-speed, high-precision machining.

Their online store has a wide range of tools, many of which can be ordered with a basic polished carbide finish or a TiAlN coating. One of the most significant benefits of purchasing their tools is that you are ordering directly from the manufacturer, ensuring that you receive high-quality products without having to pay a premium for a middleman. Check out their web store today if you’re interested in seeing what tools they have to offer!

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