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Tips to get the most out of your Google Ads campaign

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Google ads make up the biggest chunk of online advertising today. Most businesses are taking advantage of the huge potential of Google ads that give them a competitive edge over the others. When you have set your hands on Google ads, some useful tips can help you get the most out of your Google ads campaign. To set the bottom line right, we can say knowing some best practices can help target the right audience and avoid wasting your budget. The right approach and targeting from the very beginning can turn your AdWords campaign a real game changer for your business while spending a decent amount.

Focus on ‘Search Network Only’
There are several kinds of Google ads campaigns that a Google Ads agency will recommend you. The most popular ones among the advertisers are search network or display network types. Search network is a bundle of searched websites where your ads will be displayed including Google search sites, and other sites that partner with Google for displaying ads. Display network refers to the group of websites where your ads will be published like Google Finance, Gmail, YouTube and Blogger. This will also include mobile sites. Among these two, the display network is found to have a wider reach and fetching more impressions for the advertiser. Nevertheless, it has lower click through rates and clicks even in cases when you target websites where you want to display your ads. At the end, what will suit you among these two depends purely on your business. In general terms, we can say the best stand is to stick with Search Network Only.

Bid on keywords that are relevant
This will sound an obvious statement as the very soul of AdWords campaign is to bid on appropriate keywords. The fact is, there is more to know in this connection as it is not a straightforward task. The choice of keywords can make or break your advertising campaign. Find out the keywords that are relevant to your business and bid on them only. Make the right use of AdWords keyword planner effectively to cull out related terms. Your bidding must take into account the average monthly searches that happen on these keywords. You must also find appropriate ways of using some additional characters like plus signs, brackets and quotations while discovering keyword matching options. This approach can help target the audience in a much better way. By setting negative keywords list (keywords for which you will not want to be charged when they are clicked) is a good way to save money spent on your AdWords campaign.

Scheduling your ads
It is highly beneficial to run the advertising campaigns when it will benefit you the best. Click on “All Features found under “Search Network Only” and set the schedule of your campaign manually. Setting up daily and hourly schedule for AdWords campaign can let you earn a very high ROI.

Summing up
Few other options of advertising online can help generate post-click landing page traffic as effectively as Google AdWords does it. Further the prospects are converted into leads and nurtured to sales. Though setting up a new campaign can appear a cumbersome job, it will prove easier when you grasp the basics properly.

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