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Tips to improve your website’s performance

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The present generation wants to see everything done as quickly as possible. Customers have challenging expectations from businesses. Site visitors increasingly prefer fast loading sites than slower ones. Even a few milliseconds of loading speed gained can make an oceanic difference in your site’s performance. To be able to load faster, your site must be able to make a few sacrifices. In the first place, you need to ascertain what is at the core of user experience. Here are the key strategies that can enhance the performance of your website when you work with a web development Calgary company.

Code your site for speed and mobile-friendliness
Mobiles are ruling the browser’s world today. Mobile first approach can get your site the most cherished position among the users. Code your site for mobiles first and then focus on enhancing its visibility and appeal on tablets and desktops. Perform a mobile friendly test of your site using Google’s Mobile Website Auditor. This test can show you the scores of your website in terms of usability criteria like plugins, viewpoint configuration, text readability and proximity of clickable elements. You need to audit and rework on features that need improvement like flow strategy, SEO optimization, voice search, and readability.

Reduce image size
Studies show that over 61% of a site’s page weight is made of its images. Ensuring that your image is sized appropriately by adopting new image formats can help reduce the image weight and thus enhance the site’s loading speed.

Content delivery network
A content delivery network system makes use of distributed servers to deliver websites and other website content on the basis of user’s location and website content. Shorter proximity gives way to faster loading speed. Hence delivering a website’s static files through a web server that is closer to the user’s physical location is a way to increase the loading speed.

Implement web cache as much as possible
Caching technology refers to temporary storing of webpages to reduce bandwidth and enhance its performance. When this is done, the stored version of the site displays to the visitor unless there are any changes done tot eh site since the last cache. If this feature is included in your site, it can load faster.

Some useful performance enhancing strategies
The other useful efforts that can help load the sites faster include reducing the number of HTTP requests, loading the JavaScript asynchronously, reviewing the hosting plan, and implementing a cloud-based website monitoring facility.

While the ultimate reason to have a website is to get more visitors and run your business online, a set of efforts taken in the right direction can help optimize the performance of your site.

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