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Top 6 Accessories to Carry with Your Airsoft Sniper Rifle

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If you commonly claim the title of “airsoft sniper,” then congratulations on playing one of the most niche roles in the game. You’re also one of the only players who’s going to be porting around a spring airsoft gun while everyone else is carrying AEGs and GBB pistols.

No worries, though – you can still be highly effective in your role, eliminating enemy targets and providing intel on the opposing team’s movements and positions – as long as you carry the following accessories with your airsoft sniper rifle.

1. A speedloader and extra ammo

Did you think that a speedloader was only for players that carried around semi-auto and automatic airsoft guns? Players who carry those types of airsoft guns will find themselves in hot, close situations where reloading speed is of the essence, but in case you didn’t notice, most spring airsoft rifles (like sniper rifles) have small magazines, and if you ever need to eliminate several targets quickly, you might need one.

Some airsoft rifles come with them but throw one in your vest anyway if you don’t have one, and a few canisters of spare airsoft ammo as well. You’ll probably need them.

2. A set of binoculars

Why should you carry a spare set of binoculars when you have already probably attached some glass to the rail of your airsoft rifle? Simple, because most binoculars offer a wider field of view, their lighter, more maneuverable, and easier to use, and most of them are more powerful than airsoft scopes anyway. Plus, you’ll be far from most enemy positions most of the time and a pair of good binocs will help you see better.

3. A quality scope (preferably one with variable magnification)

While you’ll want a set of binoculars, you’ll need a high-quality airsoft scope for your airsoft rifle – especially a sniper rifle. This is not a situation where you can shoot over iron sights or use a red dot. Any airsoft scope will not only help you connect with targets, but will also help you perform reconnaissance when you are actively posted in the field. Don’t go without one; a naked airsoft rifle is not an effective tool, regardless of your experience.

4. Some spare magazines

Carry spare magazines with your airsoft rifle in addition to a speedloader because, as effective as a speedloader is, a loaded magazine is just faster and more convenient. If you run out of ammo while engaged, it’ll be easier for you to pop a new mag in than to load one up; if both or all of your mags run dry, then you can break out the speedloader.

5. A bipod

A bipod will give you a rest when you are in the field trying to make shots connect with your targets. Some innovative individuals will use their forearms or their backpacks as shooting rests, and these will work in a pinch, but a bipod will give you a good, serviceable, stable shooting rest in any conditions.

6. A sling

A sling is also a must-have accessory for your spring sniper rifle because even a polymer model that lacks a full-metal design is going to be heavy to lug about the course for hours or even days on end. A sling will also keep your hands free to carry additional gear.

7. A sidearm

Finally, and as a bonus – don’t be without a sidearm. If you get ambushed from your position, you will not be able to return fire effectively with a bolt-action airsoft sniper rifle. Great at long distances; not so great for CQB.

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