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Top Reasons To Hire A Residential Land Survey in Okanagan Valley

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Residential land survey is quite beneficial for all types of plots and lands in Okanagan Valley. We often think that we know everything about the property we own or are about to buy. To much surprise, there are so many aspects we are unaware about, but which are inevitable legally.

A residential land survey in Okanagan Valley helps to identify, demarcate and assess property details that impact the current as well as future actions of work. Hiring a reputed and reliable land surveyor is therefore a critical decision. A professional land surveyor is the perfect person to contact so as to settle any common property issues before they escalate into problems.

Here is a list of top 7 reasons why you cannot ignore getting a residential land survey done in Okanagan Valley:

1. To Identify The Precise Boundary Lines Or Property Lines
Exact dimensions of the property boundaries are identified and noted. These accurate legal boundaries denote legal rights of occupancy or possession. Before one can fix any new fence, driveway, etc. these property lines must be studied.

2. To Assess The Rights-Of-Ways And Easements
The residential land survey is necessary to show the rights-of-way or easements, this helps to know if the property is blocking any neighbour’s access to the road. Petty yet critical issues such as whether or not a neighbour is allowed to cross the yard to walk up to the street are mentioned in these easements.

3. To Demarcate Any Joint Driveways, Party Walls, Overhangs, Or Projections
Any extensions including overhangs, projections, must be well identified and assessed. Your adjacent property owners must have a clear idea of what is included in the property ownership papers. Maintenance of join driveways, party walls, etc. must be discussed and backed by legal reports claiming the same.

4. To Discuss Water, Electricity, Telephone, Drains, Wires, Poles, Gas, Lines, Etc.
Above ground structures such as poles, electric lines, must be reported. In addition, land surveyors make extra efforts to demarcate the usage of underground amenities such as manholes, drains, cables, as well. Wondering why these are required? Well, utility authorities might have the right to use a part of these amenities. They have a say in decisions such as the height of the trees surrounding your property, etc.

5. To Showcase All Water Bodies
A detailed land survey is a tool that helps to detect all visible or surface waters such as rivers, ponds, streams, wells etc. in addition, professional land inspectors are required to extend this research to underground waters and wetlands.

6. To Know Your Property’s Zoning Classification
Each property falls under one or more zones. Even the most obvious residential properties are sometimes classified as light industrial use lands. Therefore, getting a residential land survey done would be great to know the correct zoning classification for your property. This helps you to use your property in the best and legal manner possible.

7. To Know About Any Improvements Made To The Property
Land surveyor is a professional dedicated to studying your property’s history as well. Any improvements, alterations or repairs done on the property will be identified by the surveyor. It is also ensured that none of these changes are made illegally or violate any local laws.

The Role Of CORE Geomatics
CORE Geomatics partners with residential, commercial or industrial clients for their customised land surveying needs. Offering a wide gamut of land surveying services in Okanagan Valley, the company has emerged as a popular choice for a wider clientele.

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