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Trying Different Styles of Women’s Cowboy Boots

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If you grew up in the South or Midwest of the United States, you probably developed a soft spot for western-style clothing and cowboy boots. If you are from a big city in the northeast states and watched a bunch of old cowboy movies, then hop on over; this includes you too. There is something pretty endearing and relaxed about a bolo tie and cowboy boot combo. So where does that leave women in the realm of western and cowboy-inspired clothing? It leaves you in the same spot as men, honestly. You have a great number of options for styling yourself in a way that is a little more western, from the top of your cowboy hat to the tip of your boot. Starting off at the boot, let’s take a look at some of the different ways you can rock women’s western cowboy boots. Here are a few styles for you to consider experimenting with.

Pops of Color
One way to shop for women’s western cowboy boots is by looking for a stand-out color. Something that really pops away from denim and stands apart from its classic brown-colored counterparts. A style that immediately jumps to mind is a pair of cowboy boots entirely in a vivid, bright color like red. This fiery standout is meant to grab the eye and hold onto it as you step through the room. Another good example of more vibrantly colored cowboy boots is a pair that is mostly neutral with colorful designs going up the shaft. This style includes color in a way that is more subtle and therefore easier to wear on a regular basis. Either way you play off of color in your boots, you can spice up your outfit using even a simple cut of boot in a bold color.

Crazy, funky designs aren’t for everyone. Sometimes you just want some boots that get the job done. For someone looking to get into the soil and clock in their hours, some western-style work boots do just the trick. Another option for more practical footwear is waterproof riding boots, which add a bit of a relaxed, slouchy style to an otherwise casual shoe. You can enjoy your taste in western footwear without sacrificing your everyday needs.

Cool, Fun Designs
If cowboy boots in a pop of color caught your attention, you might also be interested in a pair of women’s western cowboy boots with a mix of designs as well. As much as we have to appreciate a more classic, simple boot, we also need to celebrate fun designs to cowboy boots. These more “out-there” styles do a great job of reminding everyone that cowboy boots can come in a wide range of styles. Boots with colorful or glittery inlay are a great choice for someone looking to make a statement. You could lookout for something that nicely combines the traditional cowboy boot design with something more fun, like a pair of beautifully embroidered soft brown boots, which puts a modern spin on traditional details. Now that is old meets new.

Whatever style of women’s western cowboy boots fits into your life, you are free to put on your western get-up any day of the week. Whether that is colorful and fun or more rugged and sturdy, you can choose which boots work into your life. Have fun with it all and don’t take it too seriously. Life is too short to not own a pair of cowboy boots. Next time you are on the hunt for a good pair of boots, you might want to check out Jackson’s English & Western Store. They have everything from footwear to clothing and accessories to fit your western needs.

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