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Trying to Pick a Glass Bubbler Pipe?

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When it comes to choosing a pipe, glass bubbler pipes are a popular option. Bubblers come in all shapes and sizes from compact handheld designs to massive bubblers that could give your average bong a run for its money. Bubblers can be used to smoke weed or vape concentrates depending on design. The key to choosing the right bubbler is to understand what you need it for before you make a purchase.

As we just mentioned, there are a lot of bubblers to choose from. What all bubblers have in common is that they are water pipes with some type of stylized mouthpiece instead of the straight tube that bongs are famous for. Some bubblers may feature removable downstems similar to bongs, but most have a fixed stem built into the pipe. Many larger and more elaborate bubblers will also have more advanced percolation than your average downstem can provide.

The first thing to consider is size. While bubblers are usually not ideal pipes to travel with, a compact bubbler is always the best option for anyone who wants to take their pipe on the go. Smaller, handheld pipes are great for enjoying a casual smoke sesh while providing a much more comfortable experience compared to a dry glass pipe. These handheld bubblers typically feature a built-in bowl that can only be used for smoking flower. These bubblers also come in a variety of design styles.

In addition to small handheld pipes, larger bubblers can also make for great smoking pipes. They tend to offer excellent filtration and enough room to thoroughly cool down your smoke. Some bubblers will even feature multiple stages of percolation to really improve the smoking experience. Smokers who want to get the most out of their glass bubblers with more advanced perc designs may have to clean their pipes often to keep the find holes or slits in their percs celar for optimal performance.

For concentrate users, glass bubbler pipes make excellent dab rigs. The combination of excellent percolation and a smaller chamber is ideal because it will provide excellent flavor and vapor quality. Having a smaller bubbler will also prevent vapor from having enough time to resolidify on the walls of the piece, increasing the amount of vapor you can enjoy. For the same reason, bubblers are also a great way to enjoy dry herb vaporizers that can use a glass on glass attachment for attaching to glass pieces.

If you are looking for some great glass bubbler pipes, then you need to check out FunkyPiece Smoke Shop. Their online store has a great selection of high quality glass pipes including plenty of bubblers. For smokers in the greater DC metro area, FunkyPiece also has three brick and mortar shops in DC and Maryland. If you need the help of their knowledgeable staff when shopping for new pipes, stop by and check out their great selection of pipes and smoking accessories.

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