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Types of Badge Accessories You Can Use

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Once you make the decision to add name badges into your workplace’s dress code, it won’t be long before you start to notice some of the benefits. Many find that name badges for business can help support employees as they interact with new or potential customers and make customers feel more familiar with the staff members. You may have already seen some of this for yourself if you have recently begun issuing name tags to employees. But it is good to know what your options are and there are certainly more options for name badges, that you might not have realized you had available to you, or you did not understand how they could benefit your business in some way. Similar to the badges themselves, some of these badge accessories can help to ease the flow of communication between staff members and clients, so they can be pretty helpful to have in use. It is especially easy to pick up these badge accessories since they are fairly affordable and are simple to use. You simply add them onto your current badges and they can go from there without needing updates or replacements very often. So now you might be wondering what kinds of badge accessories you can get for your employees and what they have to offer. To provide you with some helpful examples, here are some of the best accessories to get for your badges that can help your employees in their interactions with customers on a daily basis.

Badge Talkers
If you often work with clients who speak other languages or have staff members who speak multiple languages comfortably, you might want to highlight that for clients and make it clear for them right away so they know who they can speak to if they would rather address someone who is multilingual. Badge talkers are perfect for this because they are added onto the badge easily and identify the other languages your employees speak. This could be really helpful with an international audience in making them feel more welcome by your company since a shared language can bring people together more naturally.

Badge Medallions
Medallions are partially for the clients, but largely for your staff to appreciate. You can use badge medallions to mark accomplishments or seniority among your staff, which can be great for morale. Each medallion could represent a year spent with your company or perhaps a major achievement, but generally they can signify anything you want. These badge accessories can mean anything you want, so you have some freedom here to make it special and personalized for your business. You can also pick out customizable medallions that directly relate to your business in particular.

Holders & Lanyards
These are more practical features to add to your employee name tags. Badge holders and lanyards help to protect the name tags and keep them secure so they will last longer without damage or becoming lost. It helps your employees to display their ID badges more openly for all to see and keep them on their persons all day. Look for high-quality badge holders and lanyards in the workplace colors to keep everyone on brand.

Now that you have an idea of what some of your options are for purchasing badge accessories, you might want to learn more about them individually before making a decision. We recommend checking out the badge features available at They have a great range of products and they give you flexibility for customization, so you can make these items personalized for your business. Explore the options they have online and explore your options freely.

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