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Unconventional Uses for a Leatherman Pocket Knife

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Tightening screws; cutting open packaging; getting a grip on small hardware; making miscellaneous cuts and adjustments.

These are, quite obviously, among the most straightforward and valuable applications of a Leatherman pocket knife.

But they’re far from the only ones, especially in a catalog as rich and varied as is Leatherman’s.

So, with that said, let’s take a look at some of the more unconventional uses out there for one of their high quality multi-tools, pocket knives, or folding shears.

Open the Valve on Oxygen Cylinders

Some Leatherman multi tools, like the Raptor Response folding shears, have an integral oxygen tank wrench used to open the valve on oxygen cylinders.

Folding shears like these can be highly valuable for first responders, especially thanks to this unique built-in feature.

Take Quick Measurements

The same multi-tool mentioned above has measurement markings along the bottom of the lower jaw.

This makes taking quick measurements up to 5cm quick and painless, not to mention accurate. Plus, if you’re enterprising you might be able to get away with taking longer measurements too.

Prep Wire to Make Electrical Connections (Then Crimp)

Most Leatherman pocket knives and multi-tools have a pair of pliers built into them, and in that design a wire stripper.

This is vital for anyone who needs to make a quick electrical connection, be it for a lamp, electric motor, pump, or anything like that.

Then, you can even use the pliers to crimp the connection before soldering/shrink insulating it. There are more effective ways and better electrician’s tools, but a Leatherman pocket knife will work in a pinch.

Start a Fire

Some Leatherman multi-tools, like the Signal, come with a built-in ferrocerium rod, which can be a lifesaver in a survival situation.

Ferrocerium, often referred to (erroneously) as “flint” is a pyrophoric material that produces very hot sparks when shaved with a harder implement, like a knife spine. These are highly effective at lighting tinder, and you don’t need a lighter or a match – just to know how to use one.

Get Attention

Some Leatherman multi-tools, also like the Signal, come with whistles built into the design, so you can get attention fast, and when you need it.

This can also be effective for communications and signaling over great distances when you’re with a team.

Sharpen Your Other Knives and Tools

Select Leatherman pocket knives and multi-tools have one other unique trick up their sleeve – the tool-extending tool.

That is, a sharpening rod. Some Leatherman tools have a built in sharpening rod that can be used to touch up your other knives and tools to bring them back into their sharpest shape.

The other great thing about a rod is that, with a little practice and the right touch, one of these can be used to sharpen serrated blades too, and not just straight edges.

Which is a nice little convenience to have stashed away in your multi-tool, to be frank.

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