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Wedding Photography Dos and Don’ts

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Most weddings are once in a life time event. Every couple getting married has tall dreams about their life and future. They enter into the wedlock to achieve some great objectives of life by journeying together for the rest of their lives. Weddings bring together families and friends making it a great occasion to celebrate and preserve its memories for posterity. The events during a marriage are so precious and need to be preserved to relive in future and to share with your kids and succeeding generations. Here are some dos and don’ts of wedding photography adopted by seasoned Indian wedding photographer California to give you the best results.

Do not distract the group
Many photographers have the habit of taking lead of the stage and commanding the group to do this and do that by way of giving the best poses for shots. While this can make the job of the photographer very convenient and easy, this can disturb the gathering and can distract the hosts and participants from focusing on the events. A seasoned photographer will depend on their own photography skills to click the best pictures and will cause the least disturbance to the crowd.

Be presentable
It is natural that the hosts and the guests are in their best dresses for the wedding event. The same applies to the photographer too. Wear the right kind of costumes and b presentable as a professional photographer. Being overly formal or overly casual can also distract the crowd to focus its attention on you.

Pay close attention
There are a lot of similarities between wedding photography and sports photography. Timing is very important for the photographer. You have only one chance to capture crucial shots. Be ready to capture the key moments of the events and rituals.

Use the flash sparingly
The bride and the groom are highly passionate in the wedding hall to share the special moment with each other and also their loved ones. Remember that they are neither performers in an event nor speakers in a conference. Therefore, they will want to participate in the event wholeheartedly and will not like to get disturbed the least. Therefore, try to shoot most shots in natural light without using flash. Use the automatic bracketing to get the best exposure and use the flash whenever it is absolutely necessary.

With the right attitude, good planning and an informed approach, one can do well as a wedding photographer. For best results, contract an Indian wedding photographer California who can deliver the best results across your wedding photography project.

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