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What Are The Best Brands for Metal Roofing Tools

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Roofing, more specifically sheet metal roofing, can be very difficult. However, having the right tools can make that tough job a little bit easier. After enough time in the roofing industry, most roofers will find a preference for brands and tools and realize that there’s a way they like to do certain things that a bit unorthodox or different from others that they know. Before you can get into a familiar rhythm you need the right tools from the right brands.

There are plenty of trusted brands that have become well-known within the metal roofing industry. Some of those companies include Wuko, Stortz, Freund, Bessey, Rau, and ESE. These are well-respected roofing tool companies and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what tools you are looking for, the quality you are looking for, and your own personal preference for roofing, one of these brands will surely be the company for you.

Wuko specializes in their sheet metal benders to be used for straight sheets as well as radii. They offer tools that are useful for flashing and other bends made directly on site. From single locks to double locks, they have many different betters to choose from so that you can get the job done right.

If you’re interested you can even get a combo featuring two separate benders. One bender combo includes the Wuko 2050 and the Wuko 4010. This combo is ideal for radius bends. The 2050 has a single set of bearings that allow it to stay on the metal during a 90° bend and the 4010 can hem the material up to a 180° bend.

John Stortz & Son produces only the highest quality metal roofing tools. Founded in 1853, by the original John Stortz, this company has been serving specialty hand tools to the tool industry for over 160 years. They have a mission to serve roofers and masons and assure that their products will not only get the job done but get the job done well.

Stortz puts emphasis on making a roofer’s job easier and that shows through their tools. Stortz’s Accuseamer is a lightweight option that will help the user seam faster. The Accuseamer can seam 4.5 times faster than the average power seamer and will not leave any crimp marks like you might see when hand crimping sections. They have hand seamers and perfect benders available that are equally high in quality and precision.

Freund has an amazing line of hand tools available for sheet metal roofers. Their Tinner’s hammer is a very popular item among roofers. It is known for its PVC head and wooden handle. It is strong and durable, but also lightweight and comfortable to hold. The edge end of the hammer head can be used for corner work without marring the metal. They also have excellent benders, a sheet metal scriber, and other smaller tools that are very convenient for metal roofing.

Bessey, ESE, and Rau
All three of these brands make top-notch brands, but each excels in different areas. Bessey snips for nearly any occasion, from mini snips to premium snips. ESE produces useful hand seamers. They offer classic first-stage seamers as well as second-stage finish seamers. Many roofing experts will know Rau for their Eaves seam locker or their hand seamers. These hand seamers also have first stage and second stage finish seamer options available. They also have crimping tools available as well.

All of these roofing brands and tools can be found at Regardless of your personal preference or roofing techniques, you can find the right tool for you. If you are looking for metal benders, snips, tin hammers, or any other roofing tools you can find them on Stortz & Son’s website. Visit their site today and get some metal roofing tools that can make your job a little bit easier.

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