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What Are The Best Uses For Lanolin Oil?

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When creating certain personal care and bath products, the kinds of ingredients that are used are important. Some are there to cleanse while others are included for their moisturizing or softening properties. When all of these ingredients come together, they create a product that provides an array of benefits for the skin.

Lanolin oil is used in skincare and hair care formulas as an emollient. This oil is great for skin and hair, imparting natural smoothness and softness while helping to reduce the appearance of dry and flaky skin.

What is this oil and how does it work? This short guide will fill you in on some of the important qualities of lanolin oil and also show you where you can buy some yourself if you intend on using it to create your own products.

Made From Sheep’s Wool
Unlike many of today’s most popular skincare ingredients, lanolin actually comes from an animal. Sheep, to be exact.

However, sheep are not harmed in any way in order to extract this substance. This oil is actually derived from a fatty wax that is secreted by sheep in order to keep their wool moisturized and soft. Once a sheep has had its wool removed, the wool is put through an extraction process that essentially pulls out the lanolin wax, which is then further refined into oil for use in various skincare products and conditioners as well.

While lanolin wax can also be used as a conditioning agent in certain formulas, lanolin oil provides a bit more versatility and has a wider range of applications. It can be used in everything from moisturizing lotions to balms, body butters, and shampoos. It can also be used as a stand in for mineral oil in most recipes.

Although some are sensitive to it, this oil is naturally beneficial for skin and hair and makes for an effective emollient and softener, and has been utilized for centuries in this fashion. Since this oil is not unlike the actual oil that our skin secretes (sebum), it is especially beneficial for simply restoring our skin’s natural softness and preventing dry and cracked areas from worsening. As a natural moisturizing agent, it is surprisingly effective.

What is Lanolin Oil Used For?
There is a wide range of different products that this oil can be used for. With its beneficial moisturizing and hydration properties, it works well for a wide range of treatments.

●Body butters and creams
●Moisturizing lotions
●Lip balms
●Foot salves
●Nourishing conditioners
●Natural soaps
●Shaving creams and aftershaves
●After-sun lotions

This is just a cursory list, but it’s easy to see why this ingredient remains so popular despite all of the other great moisturizing products on the market. Versatile, great for our skin, and gentle, you can’t really go wrong with using this natural oil.

Finding high-quality lanolin oil might be somewhat of a challenge, however. It’s not like you can visit most stores and pick this item up, and many mass-market products don’t utilize lanolin all that much. If you want to create your own specialized soaps and body butters using this ingredient, you are going to want to visit MakeYourOwn.buzz.

The incredible selection of soap-making ingredients at MakeYourOwn.buzz makes them one of the best places online to shop for what you need in terms of crafting your own formulas. From beneficial soap bases to a wide variety of emollients, surfactants, fragrances, and more, they have just what you need if you intend on crafting products right in your own home. Visit their store today and you will find lanolin oil, wax, and plenty of other moisturizing ingredients as well.

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