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What Do Alberta Land Surveyors Actually Do In Calgary?

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Residential, commercial and industrial land development projects require the active contribution of land surveyors. Using the latest equipment and technology combined with their skills, knowledge and experience, Alberta land surveyors play an integral role in the initial stages of land development.

In fact, the data collection and analysis done by them form the foundation of further work by architects and engineers.

The current article will talk at length about what these Alberta land surveyors do for their clients in Calgary.

Who Is An Alberta Land Surveyor?
An Alberta land surveyor is a professional who is qualified and dedicated to conducting land surveys in Calgary. He/she is licensed and certified to carry out legal surveys and make reports.

What Does An Alberta Land Surveyor Do?

Job Function

1. Coordinate data and information for developing detailed plans, innovative methods and precise procedures so as to conduct legal surveys.

2. Analyse and manage data collected through field visits and desk work.

3. Report data using the latest technologies such as geographic information systems (GIS) and computer-aided design and drafting (CAD).

Technologies Adapted
Latest innovative technologies are used such as GIS, GPS, CAD in addition to many other systems. State-of-the-art equipment is put to use on an everyday basis for recording precise measurements.

Documents Prepared
Alberta land surveyors prepare survey questionnaires, land survey data, survey plans, charts, records and Real Property Reports.

Duties Undertaken

1. Take liability for surveys

2. Assure them of their certifications and licence

3. Assume responsibility for land encroachments and disputes

4. Supervise the whole process of data collection, preparation and reporting

Following are some of the tasks undertaken by your chosen Alberta land surveyor in Calgary

1. Carry out field visits

2. Conduct legal surveys

3. Prepare relevant questionnaires for data collection

4. Detect boundaries, lines, structures, amenities, etc.

5. Take steps to avoid land disputes

6. Zero out the possibility of land encroachments

The aim of this land surveying is to –

1. Claim land titles

2. Note sales history

3. Erode land and property disputes in future

Whether it is your residential or commercial land development project, you will necessarily require the services of an Alberta land surveyor in Calgary.

To Conclude
To describe aptly, your Alberta land surveyor will plan, direct, and conduct legal surveys in Calgary for your property. They and their teams will detect and interpret the exact dimensions, measurements and location of the property’s boundaries. In addition, any buildings, structures, amenities, built features, natural structures, will be identified.

Best Alberta Land Surveyors In Calgary
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