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What Do You Need with a Glock Kit?

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Thinking about building a Glock-style pistol at home with a Glock kit?

These are great handguns, with even better capacity, that can fill a wide range of uses. Glocks are suitable for official duty, home defense, competition, target shooting, and even hunting.

But if you’re going to do it with a kit, what else do you need?

First, What Comes with a Glock Kit?
To know what else you need, first, you need to know what comes with the kit.

Consider the following Glock kit, which can be used to build G17/19/22/26 style pistols. It comes with:

● A firing pin, spring, and cup

● Firing pin safety and spring

● Extractor, depressor plunger, and spring

● Channel liner

● Spacer sleeve

● Steel cover plate

● Guide rod and spring

● Mag release

● Mag catch and spring

● Slide lock and spring

● Slide stop lever and spring

● Connector

● Trigger housing and ejector

● Trigger with bar, spring, and pin

This Glock kit also comes with a barrel (416 steel, with a black nitrided finish, a polished feed ramp, available threaded or non-threaded) as well as an RMR-ready slide (416R steel). Screws are not included.

You’ll Need a Frame Blank
The frames of handguns like Glock pistols, which lack receivers are the parts that the ATF requires to be serialized and regulated as firearms.

To complete the build, you’ll either need a finished Glock frame, which will require an FFL transfer, or get a frame blank, such as a Polymer80 frame.

A Jig Kit and Router/Drill and Bits Are Also Necessary
If you get a frame blank, you will need to finish machining out the space for the components in the build kit.

Frame blanks are unfinished and in their existing state cannot be used to assemble functional firearms.

You will also need a jig kit, which serves as a template and makes it easier for you to drill out the necessary portions of the frame. For that, you will also need either a drill, a drill press, or a router with the appropriate bits.

If You’re Building, Now’s a Good Time to Get Upgrade Parts, Too
Making your own Glock-style pistol is also a good time to invest in upgrades.

For instance, though most if not all kits will come with a barrel, guide rod, and trigger, now is a good time to invest in upgrades for these, like Timney triggers or tungsten guide rods, which you can install when assembling the finished platform.

Get Any Missing Parts
You will note that the Glock kit mentioned did not have a magazine, so you will need to get one of those. Some also do not include necessary parts like hardware, so you’ll also need to get them as well.

Also, note that, while the kit mentioned here comes with a slide, not all of them do.

Where Can You Get a Glock Kit?
Looking for a Glock kit like this one, along with other Glock parts that you can use to complete a build at home?

Visit MCS Gearup online at MCSGearup.com or contact them at 239-848-6757. They carry a wide range of parts and kits and would be happy to help you find what you need.

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