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What Have Changed About Indian Marriages?

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Described by the words ‘Grand’, ‘Vibrant’ and ‘Jamboree’ for so long, Indian weddings have always been influenced by cultural traditions. However, off late, a lot has changed about Indian marriages. During our times, Indian marriages have become more adaptable to take in some elements that are the pressing needs of time and trends. Here we discuss some interesting changes that have come into Indian marriages.

The definition of marriage
Today, getting married has become a matter of personal choice rather than a social or familial obligation. Millennial couples are expressing themselves feely without being constrained by cultural and social norms.

Emotive and diverse
We see Indian weddings becoming more emotive and bold than in the past. Especially this trend is noticed with regard to Indian marriage photography. Indian couples of our times do not shy away from exhibiting romantic poses in front of the camera or showcase their love for their partner.

Interfaith marriages are increasingly being accepted these days. As a result, we are seeing a lot of fusion marriages and mixed marriages. Such events permit adopting different ethnic components to the weddings. In this way, many marriages stand out in distinctive flavors.

Marriage seasons and venues
Indian weddings have ceased to happen only during the prescribed seasons. Also, they are not happening anywhere without being restricted to the hometown of the couple. Destination weddings are also becoming very popular among people of all income brackets without being reserved for the wealthy. More couples are looking forward to leave their hometowns with a small close-knit circle of family and friends to get married in their dream lands.

Private events
Over the recent years, Indian weddings have become more intimate and smaller events. Couples choose to keep the guest list small by inviting only their close family and friends. However, some families still want to host an extravagant reception as per the custom in order to share the special event of their life with all those that have been a part of their lives.

Personalized wedding plans
Couples are taking active interest in personalizing their wedding plans. Some of the elements they wish to decide as per their interests are Indian marriage photography, clothes, monikers and gifts. Some families commission artists to create paintings for use in wedding invitations while some others contract songwriters and poets to compose songs in praise of the couple to be sung during the ceremony. Entertainments to engage the guests during the wedding have become very common.

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