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What Is a Hand Seamer Tool Good for?

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If you are going to be involved in any kind of roofing in the near future, then there are certain tools you will need to learn about first. In particular, you should know what a seamer tool is and what it can do for you while working. Or to be more clear, you should know what the different kinds of seamer tools there are out there so you will be able to easily find the best one for your purposes. Seamer tools are generally associated with being used in metalwork as a sheet metal bending tool. That is the role that they mostly play. However, as with most tools, they can be used for more than one specific purpose and their capabilities can be applied to other activities as well. The different types of seamer tools should be able to serve you well in your roofing career, so you should know a little bit more about them.

Simple Bending
Hand seamers are one of the options you have for selecting metal bending tools. Like roller benders and sheet metal brakes, among some other tools, hand seamers are used for flattening or bending sheet metal at an angle. The size of the hand seamer tool is where it begins to vary quite a bit because it is so much smaller than the others. Sheet metal brakes are used for larger bends and metals of higher gauges. Handheld roller benders are a good in-between tool that can be used on a wide range of metals and is portable. Hand seamers fill a role that the others leave behind which is what makes it such a good tool in the kit of a metal roofer. Hand seamers are much smaller than the other two and are used for making smaller bends. They are lightweight and easy to carry, making them great for working in locations that are harder to reach and an easy addition to a working tool kit.

Detail Work
One of the main draws of using a hand seamer tool is its usefulness when it comes to doing more precise, detail work with metal. Unlike its larger counterparts, hand seamers are able to bend sheet metal in small increments, leading to precise bends. You can use these tools to refine edges of metal and manipulate the metal more effectively when you need something simple. When shopping around, you will find that there is actually quite the range of options for hand seamer tools. There is not one defined shape for hand seamers, but several variations of the most basic design one could have. Certain ones are designed with fine-tipped noses so you can get the absolute most precision possible from those bends. They largely resemble pliers and have the range to match. While you may prefer the wider, flatter noses of hand seamers for more simple bends, you would want at least one seamer tool with a fine-tipped nose to really do what other benders cannot.

So now that you’ve gotten a better look at hand seamer tools, what they are used for, and what you should look for when picking out some of your own, you should be more prepared to use them in your line of work. A good quality seamer tool with a comfortable grip and a nose that works for the work that you need it to do, will get you far. For as little space as these tools will occupy in your tool kit, they certainly have a way of making themselves seen. When you are ready to go shopping for a hand seamer tool that fits your needs, you should look to to sort through their wide array of seamer tools, suited for all of your metal working needs.

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