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What is an Upright Bubbler and How Do You Use It?

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Since cannabis products and marijuana have been smoked by people for centuries, the methods for smoking have been nothing but creative, fun, and interesting. Since then, the way you can smoke your weed has evolved into something that people would consider a hobby. With all the fancy glass pieces that are crammed into see-through display cases and a million different types of ways to enjoy your cannabis, it’s kind of incredible how it’s changed over the years.

You can even find art displays of amazing glass pipes that you are able to smoke out of, but couldn’t even imagine doing so as you would compromise the beauty of certain glass pipes and other glass pieces. Nevertheless, there are ample amounts of ways and methods to enjoy your cannabis. Whether you’re new to smoking or a certified pothead, everyone has their favorite way.

The more typical forms of smoking come in either a blunt/joint, a bong, a pipe, a bowl, or something else of that nature. Similar to a bong, there is something called a bubbler. This might seem foreign to many smokers who stick to what they know, but a bubbler is a very interesting way to smoke cannabis, and it might be worth a shot.

Why You Should Try a Bubbler
Much like a bong or a water pipe, bubblers are typically made of glass and work with water. Very similar to a bong, a bubbler has a smaller mouthpiece, a stem, a chamber to hold the water, and a bowl to hold the dried flower.

Unlike a bong, most bubblers have bowls that cannot be removed. Bubblers are used to aerate the smoke using water, so you will usually find a percolator attached to a bubbler, as well. Since the bowl cannot be removed, which is meant to clear out any excess smoke, bubblers are equipped with a small hole to get that job done.

The percolator on the side of most bubblers changes the airflow, giving you a much smoother hit every single time. Bubblers are completely unique because they combine the likes of a bong with a spoon pipe. Bubblers are much, much smaller compared to bongs, so if you are not super into hitting big bongs, a bubbler might be a great alternative.

Plus, it’s much easier to use and more discreet, so it’s perfect if you live with a bunch of roommates or at home with your parents and they don’t want to see a huge bong lying around your room. Plus, it’s easier to transport around to your friend’s houses if you like to smoke with a group of people.

Plus, bubblers are quite easy to use. If you know how to smoke a bong, you’ll know how to use a bubbler. First, you just add water to the chamber, pack the bowl with dried flower, spark up the flower, then clear the chamber once you’ve taken a hit. It’s a pretty streamlined process that doesn’t take too much effort but will give you a great hit and a nice high. If you’ve been looking at bubblers, you’ve probably heard of an upright bubbler before. This kind of bubbler is quite unique, as it stands upright and the stem is positioned upright, as well. Hence the name. This can be purchased on many head shop websites, more particularly at Funky Piece.

Check out to find upright bubblers and all the other bubblers you can think of. Plus, you can browse through their other selection of great pieces and products.

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