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What Makes Women’s Cotton Hoodie an Essential Item in Our Closet

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Whether it’s winter, summer, or somewhere in the middle, there’s never a wrong season to be wearing a fine piece of women’s cotton hoodie every day. This is one of the most versatile pieces you can wear virtually anywhere between your couch and the office. In fact, this is the only outfit that stays in front of your closet that you never noticed until now, which means you should probably go ahead and purchase at least five more colors so you will have fresh new ones every day.

With the progressive advancement towards post-work-at-home life, most women have found a renewed fondness for this athleisure wear that lets them move freely and comfortably. There’s not even room for doubt, just pure freedom where everything is in their right places and the chance of getting any wardrobe malfunction is next to none. What’s even more amazing is when you get a women’s cotton hoodie that is crafted from 100% high-quality cotton, so breathable—which you can wear comfortably even in the summer. See below for more reasons why hoodies, zip-up or pullovers require more space in your closet.

Go Monochrome or Go Home
One of the best styles you can pull off with a hoodie is by keeping an all-monochromatic ensemble. From high couture to athleisure, whether you’re wearing this ensemble in the office or just a casual walk in the park maybe, an all-black outfit is your best friend. A monochrome ensemble has been an iconic fashion look for years. Your black hoodie paired with black skinny jeans and black ankle-high boots combo is the perfect way for when you just want to look simple yet timeless.

Not Just A Utilitarian Wear
Hoodies have emerged from being simple cold-storage workwear to a more sophisticated piece anyone would be happy to be buried in. There’s something harmonious about the amalgamation of formal and casual elements together that somehow creates an effortlessly tailored eloquence. While you might think a combination of something you wear in a gym and outerwear you don in huge office meetings is ridiculous, you’re in for a nice surprise. The inherently casual nature of a hoodie paired with a more neutral, tailored jacket can ultimately elevate your business as usual vibe.

100% Cotton
There’s just too little knowledge people have about a garment that is made with 100% cotton. Aside from the fact that this material is ultimately breathable, it is also hypoallergenic and an all-time durable fabric. This makes sense for being the best material utilized in making women’s cotton hoodies. It’s super-soft and incredibly friendly to those who have more sensitive skin. You won’t even have to worry about accidentally rubbing the sleeves against a baby’s skin if you have one at home because of its hypoallergenic properties. And because it is ultra-durable, you are not going to worry about fast fashion as one piece of this garment could last you for years.

Assists in Warming-Up
There’s a valid reason why it’s more advisable to wear hoodies in the gym than showing more skin in a sports bra, and it’s not about weight loss. Sure you’ll experience a great deal of water loss as you sweat but this is only temporary. What sweats do is that they help you release more toxins as you warm up in a hoodie making you exercise even harder. And like we mentioned earlier, with hoodies, there’s next to no chance of wardrobe malfunction, a phenomenon of an article of clothing slipping out of position—-which makes it an incredible gym wear overall.

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