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What Sheet Metal Cutting Tools are Best for a Roofing Job?

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Anyone who’s worked in the roofing industry, specifically the metal roofing industry, knows how frustrating of a task it can be to make try and quality cuts time after time. Roofers often disagree over which tool is best for each particular portion of the job, but one thing that everyone can agree on is that having a good-quality tool will make the job a thousand times easier.

When it comes to sheet metal cutting tools there are always hand tools available for those who prefer them, but there are also three major power tools used within the industry. Those are powered nibblers, drill attachment shears and hand slitters. Each of these tools is amazing in its own right and able to perform different tasks very well.

Benefits of Power Cutting Tools for Sheet Metal Roofing
In regards to all three of these power tools, they bring a major advantage to the table when it comes to longevity and speed. If you try to use hand tools for a bigger job you may be there forever. Power tools are able to breeze through a large roofing job in a fraction of the time it would take if you used hand tools. Hand tools are perfect for smaller jobs and simple fixes, but are probably not the right choice for anything more than that.

Though all power cutting tools have similarities they still have major differences as well. Nibblers are able to remove a strip of metal from the shear to minimize waviness and distortion. Drill attachment shears are an effortless way of cutting for a little less money. Lastly, slitters are high-quality cutting discs with a handle off used to pull across coil stock. Each of these have their benefits depending on what you are interested in.

If you are looking for the perfect sheet metal roof cutting tools then look no further than John Stortz & Sons. Their website features some of the finest metal cutting tools that you can buy. Here are just a couple of the many top-tier products that they offer. Each of which has its own unique benefits that you will not find anywhere else.

The TRUMPF PN130 Profile Nibbler
The TRUMPF PN130 Profile Nibbler is a top of the line product that is absolutely perfect when it comes to cutting corrugated, trapezoidal and even flat sheets and panels. This highly maneuverable product makes for an amazing sheet metal cutting tool. It is able to handle radii and angled cuts without corrosion and minimal vibrations.

This Nibbler is able to reach usually hard-to-reach places with absolute ease. This is because you are able to change the cutting direction at any time this allows the tools to become optimal for contouring and prolining. This power tool offers a form of convenience as well in that the punch and tool carrier can be changed without the use of any tools. Not only that, but punches can be replaced for as little as $25 if need be.

The Malco HD Turbo Shear
The Malco Shear HD drill attachment is a good multi-use tool. It can be used on metal roofing, building panels, stone coated shingles, furnace jackets, and even metal ductwork. It has durable, long-lasting blades and is able to make fast, but smooth trim cuts. The overall feel of this tool is very lightweight.

This tool has a jaw opening that is able to navigate tight curve patterns, squares, mild profiles, layered metal & seams. With an 18 gauge capacity the convenience to fit to any cordless or corded drill due to its telescoping drill clamp, this tool is no joke. For all these reasons this is a next-level cutting tool for the modern roofer.

These are two amazing sheet metal cutting tools and you haven’t even seen an item from the slitter category yet! You can visit to decide for yourself what the best cutting tool is. Stortz has prided themselves on providing high-quality roofing tools for many years. They are a trusted brand and business. Visit their site today to get a cutting tool that can make your job a little easier

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