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What To Look For When Buying Marine Electrical Cables

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Purchasing your first boat is a uniquely liberating experience. The thought of being able to sail away from worries, being alone at sea, spending quality time with your family aboard, or even traveling at leisure, are all ideas that cross most people’s minds every once in a while. However, anyone with an IQ of room temperature knows that owning a boat comes with a new host of responsibilities that need to be properly taken care of if they want their dream to last. That’s why I have prepared a short and sweet guide on what to look for when buying one of the most important onboard elements: marine electrical cables.

What Is Considered Marine Electrical Cable?
Even the most barebones dingy today has some kind of electrical equipment on board, and they’re no good if there is a risk of them breaking as soon as you lose sight of the coast.

Marine electrical cables are a category within the electrical wiring industry to designate cables specifically designed to withstand anything life at sea can throw at them. Regular cables used for homes and other commercial uses are designed for dry and static environments where they can remain safely out of sight for years or decades. Contrastingly, marine electrical cables are made with specific uses and conditions in mind to earn their stripes.

First, they should be corrosion resistant. While most cables have a protective jacket or insulator, only marine electrical cables have their conductive strands individually coated in tin or lead, making them impervious to corrosion.

Secondly, they must be flexible enough to pass through narrow spaces. Boats are known for posing challenging space restrictions, so having adaptable cables is a necessity so you can bend them to accommodate the demands of your ship.

Lastly, they need to withstand the rocking of the ship and constant vibrations. Stiff cables transfer vibration to connectors and cause them to become unstable. Marine electrical cables reduce this transfer and provide system stability even under heavy stress.

Factors To Be Considered When Buying Marine Wires
Now that you know the importance of marine electrical cables, you need to make sure you are getting the right wires for the intended applications.

Make sure you know the amount of voltage your wires need to carry and the voltage drop. As current travels through a conductor the voltage drops, creating a measurable difference between input and output loads. Your cables should not have more than a 3% voltage drop.

Amperage is another factor you should consider. You need to take into account ambient average temperatures, gauge conductor dimensions, jacket temp ratings, and interior conditions.

Where Can You Find Reliable Marine Electrical Cable?
EWCS Wire is an online store specialized in providing high-quality marine electrical cables for every need. The company has been in business for almost 30 years, earning a spot as a recognized brand for electrical equipment supplies. Its business model revolves around quality and affordability, making it a favorite among those with serious projects in mind that need reliable materials and supplies. Visit their website today and browse through their extensive inventory.

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