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What You Can Expect from a Goodman Furnace for Sale

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Those of you living in climates with colder winters are going to need a good gas furnace to keep you warm through the cold, dark months. The heat strips of electric air conditioners and the energy efficiency of heat pumps just can’t match the power of a gas fired furnace like a Goodman model.

Gas furnaces are powerful and some dual-stage heaters are now much more efficient than furnaces ever were in the past, saving most of their power for when it is really needed. It’s hard to beat a name like that one invoked, and speaking of it, here’s what you can expect from a Goodman Furnace for sale – like the multi-position, multi-speed Goodman GMSS96 that is paired with many package units at Budget Air Supply.

Silicon-nitride igniters: The life of the furnace is the igniter, and when the igniter goes, as simple as it’s function is, the furnace is out of commission. Older furnaces were made with silicon carbide igniters that are not as durable or long-lasting as modern silicon nitride igniters. The modern silicon nitride igniters are more reliable, require less electricity for ignition, and last far longer than older models.

Tubular heat exchangers: The heat exchangers in a furnace are responsible for transferring heat energy to the air so that it can be circulated around the home. The tubular heat exchangers that come with Goodman furnaces are efficient and durable, and some of them are even dual-diameter, so that they can provide the highest efficiency in heat exchange.

Multi-positional flow options: Not all furnaces give you the ability to provide a variety in flow configurations, but the furnace that is the focus of this article is capable of producing downflow and horizontal flow, making it more accommodating to a wider range of domestic scenarios.

Control boards with self diagnostic features: Additionally, this Goodman furnace for sale and others have control boards with self diagnostic features. The ability to control the furnace via the control board is valuable enough – but a furnace that tells you when something is wrong as well as what it is will save you loads of time and money on maintenance, whether you perform repairs yourself or work with an HVAC specialist.

Comprehensive warranties: While the specific warranty may vary according to the Good furnace for sale itself, or with the package unit, it’s not rare to find Goodman furnaces with 10 year parts and replacement warranties.

Pairing with a wide range of solutions: The Goodman furnace in question is paired with a variety of other cooling solutions online at Budget Air Supply, notably electric air conditioners. This makes these package units highly valuable to any homeowners or small business owners living in areas with cold winters and hot summers – which descriptors qualify a large portion of the country.

In addition to these key selling points, when you shop with Budget Air Supply at, you’ll be getting the best prices on both the equipment and on shipping. That’s guaranteed by two important factors – their price match guarantee, which provides the lowest prices on equipment, and their free-shipping, which they offer on all equipment as well.

All that leaves for you to do is pick out the unit or system that you believe will serve you best, and for that, they offer excellent customer service as well. Visit their website via the link above, or give them a call today at 855-473-6484 and work it out with their professionals. They’ll have to set up with a new Goodman gas furnace in no time, and they’ll even work with you for installation!

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