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What You Need Is an American-Made MP5 for Sale, Even If You’ve Never Heard of It

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The HK MP5 needs no introduction from us especially if you are here looking for an MP5 for sale as it is.

But, if you are scouring the web looking for deals on an MP5 and haven’t heard of the Zenith Firearms ZF-5 yet, it’s time you did.

This is an American-made MP5 clone that can give the real one a heck of a run for its money.

Why an American-Made MP5 for Sale?
Buying American made instead of the real thing offers a few benefits. One is 922r compliance, as, if you didn’t know, 922r parts must be American made to be compliant (or present only in limited numbers).

The ZF-5 is American-made so there’s no worry there.

Also, it offers a ton of other benefits.

Why This American Made MP5 for Sale?
So, what does this American-made MP5 for sale have over the competition?

No matter how you slice it, this thing has a substantial advantage over the original in terms of price.

Even if you get a used, post-official-service MP5, expect to pay a lot for it. If you get one of the rare unused originals that Heckler & Koch sends here, don’t be surprised if the sticker price looks more like the down payment on a house than the purchase price for a gun.

As for the American-made alternative ZF-5, You can get the whole thing bundled in a premium package with a bunch of other MP5 accessories for a fraction of the cost, under $2,000 if you shop smart.

Quality, Details Captured, Features Upgraded
The ZF-5 has been widely lauded for quality, and, for all intents and purposes, captures all of the details of the original.

Like the original, it’s built around a gas-powered, roller-delayed blowback operating system. It’s of the same size and weight as the original submachine gun, down to the tropical handguard, hooded front sight.

It’s also built around high-quality components, such as a steel MP5 magazine and a mil-spec, cold hammer-forged CMV MP5 barrel. Most major components are FNC treated for strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance.

It also offers a few other benefits, such as the fluted chamber which aids in extraction, and a chamber design that is less harshly stepped than some other MP5 clones, enabling easier feeding of hollow points.

Other users have commented that they like the sleek, glossy black appearance, as opposed to the matte, ash gray of the original, as well as the improved fire selector switch.

Critical Reviews
Don’t take our word for it – this subgun has been critically reviewed by some of the industry’s greats, and, no surprises here, all of them have great things to say about it.

The list of critical reviewers includes but is not limited to Colion Noir, Top Shot Dustin, MrGunsNGear, The Firearm Guy, Honest Outlaw, and Warrior Poet Society.

Less of a Headache
A semi-auto MP5 for sale may also be a benefit if you are looking for a non-NFA way to enjoy the ergonomics and looks of the MP5.

Lots of MP5 Parts and Accessories Are Available and They’re Cross Compatible
Zenith Firearms doesn’t just produce one of the best MP5 clones in the industry. They also produce a wide range of MP5 parts and accessories, such as barrels, muzzle devices, triggers, firing pins, springs, and other internal hardware, stocks, and more – even muzzle devices like MP5 3-lug flash hiders and thread protectors.

Where Can You Learn More About This American-Made MP5 for Sale?
Interested in learning more about this American-made MP5 for sale or about the parts and accessories are available with it?

Visit Zenith Firearms at today for more information.

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