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What You Need to Know About Triggertech Triggers

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Mil-spec AR triggers are alright, but that’s all we’re going to say. Some might say they’re good but we won’t even go that far, and probably no one in their right mind is going to tell you they’re great.

Perhaps this is why one of the most consistently talked-about AR upgrades is the trigger. Stock triggers that come with build kits, like BCGs and grips, are average at best.

So let’s talk about Triggertech Triggers, including what technology they offer and why their departure from sliding friction is superior.

These Are the Only Triggers That Operate Without Sliding Friction
All other triggers on the market are sliding friction triggers, in which the sear blocks the hammer and the trigger engages the sear. When enough pressure is applied to the trigger, the sear slides out of the way and releases the hammer (or firing pin or striker).

These sliding friction triggers can produce excess slack and creep, which makes triggers feel gritty or mushy and inconsistent. Triggertech Triggers do not utilize sliding friction; instead, they use FRT, or Frictionless Release Technology, to eliminate these issues.

Zero Creep, No Overtravel, Adjustability, Extremely Short Reset
Frictionless Release Technology within the Triggertech Trigger group contains a free-floating roller, a small cylindrical component, between the sear and trigger. This enables the roller to roll between the two components, without sliding friction between the two, creating an exceptionally crisp break.

This FRT eliminates creep, and is paired with Triggertech’s TKR Technology, which minimizes overtravel after the trigger breaks and improves reset. It reduces sight picture obstruction due to overtravel and contains a component called the “ticker” that pivots freely and allows the sear to release without requiring any further displacement of the trigger lever.

In addition to minimizing overtravel, it creates a reset that is shorter than .03”, yet is forceful enough to feel.

Triggertech Triggers also feature CLKR Technology consisting of an easy-to-access adjustment screw that enables easy adjustments to trigger weight.

Safe, Durable, Capped with a Long Service Life
Triggertech’s FRT does not rely on a coating or lubrication to work properly, which ensures optimal performance in all conditions. The trigger housing is also designed to minimize contamination and ingress and these trigger groups are designed to operate smoothly and reliably in the most unforgiving conditions. They’re also made with 440C stainless steel components that are physically durable, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.

Don’t Take Our Word for It, Trust Triggertech’s Guarantee
Triggertech puts its money where its proverbial mouth is. Don’t just believe it because we said it or Triggertech advertised it. Triggertech Triggers are covered with satisfaction guarantees as well as a warranty.

Upgrade Your Rifle: Where Can You Get Triggertech Triggers?
Want to learn more about Triggertech Triggers? Already sold that one of these trigger groups is the one for your next rifle build – or are you ready to make an upgrade to your existing rifle today?

Visit Anarchy Outdoors online at They carry Triggertech Triggers for many popular models in addition to a wide range of other rifle upgrade parts and accessories.

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