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What You Need to Know Before Buying a Tornado Floor Machine

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When you are looking for ways to complete janitorial services more efficiently, you should definitely consider getting a Tornado Floor Machine if you haven’t already. This commercial cleaning equipment does a great job of cleaning floors quickly and easily. As soon as you start using this equipment, you will already see a huge improvement over how quickly a space can be cleaned and dried, and how thoroughly it can be done as well. Whenever your company is able to invest further in its janitorial supplies, a reliable Tornado Floor Machine should be right at the top of that list. But before you go ahead and make that purchase, you will want to know a few things about how these machines run. Once you have all of these details down, you can get that signature yellow Floor Machine for your company.

High Speed vs. Low Speed
One major factor that you want to know about and consider before purchasing a Tornado Floor Machine is the speed of the machine. You will want to decide if you want a low-speed floor machine or one that is high-speed. Traditional more low-speed options give the user more control over the machine and work well over all types of hard flooring for scrubbing and polishing. High-speed machines will, as the name suggests, work more quickly than the traditional machines, but demand more control in the process. These also tend to be better for floor buffing than the low-speed options. Consider who will be operating this machinery and how they would prefer to work regularly with this.

Burnishing, Buffing, & Scrubbing
Before purchasing a Tornado Floor Machine, you should have a clear idea of what you plan on using it for. Standard floor scrubbers can do a lot for you on a regular basis with cleaning. This is the most universal tool and has to be used before any other type of machine can be used. Buffers are meant to buff the flooring, making it smooth and applying a light layer of wax overtop. The main duty of floor burnishers is to shine the floors. They polish and shine the floor’s surface after it has already been cleaned and buffed, to make it glossy looking. Consider what you need and the possibility that you may want to purchase a separate device at another time.

What They Need
One last thing to note about Floor Machines is that they are investments and should be properly maintained in order to perform their best and yield the most results for their expense. For the most part, your Tornado Floor Machine should not demand too much of you to keep it running. However, you will still need to provide it with suitable cleaning liquids and replacement pads every now and then. Besides that, as long as you treat your equipment well, it should perform its tasks well for years.

On the whole, a Tornado Floor Machine is fairly easy to operate and get adjusted to once you have it on site. After you pick out the right type of Floor Machine for your company’s needs, you should be prepared to use it regularly and enjoy how much of a difference it makes on a normal day. Since its function is something so basic and essential to proper sanitation, you will definitely get plenty of use out of this device and see it earn its value over time, even when you take into account the small maintenance expenses. Once you consider the amount of time saved by using these commercial floor cleaners, you can see how your investment pays its way. You can look at some of the Tornado Floor Machines available online at and figure out which one is best for your business.

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