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What You’ll Find Refreshing About Bradford Knives

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If you’re a knife collector or an EDC junkie, you’re probably no stranger to names like OKC, Buck, Cold Steel, ZT, Spyderco, and Benchmade.

Maybe you’re also a fan of companies like Mora, ESEE and Bradford Knives.

Some of them refuse to give into the majority popularity of folding knives, and the latter is one of them.

New as it is – Bradford Knives had its beginnings just over 10 years ago, in 2012 – the company has been very well received.

Here’s what other collectors love about them, and what you likely will too.

They’re Proudly Handmade

In a world where most items, even high-end knives, are predominantly machine-made, Bradford Knives are proudly hand-finished in Washington, in the United States.

Machines can do a fine job of drop forging, shaping, and grinding, but when it comes to getting a perfect fit and finish, handmade is still superior.

To ensure a perfect fit and finish between the blank and the scales and to get a truly perfect edge, it still takes a person to make it all come together.

It’s not cheap, but it is better.

No Love-Affair with Folders

One thing you’ll notice about Bradford’s knife catalog is that they’re not glutted with folders, unlike most of the other top manufacturers on the market today.

Most other big players in the industry today gain the majority of their notoriety with their folders, but not Bradford Knives.

Their bread and butter are fixed blades – which will be appreciated by those that follow the moniker that folding knives are just “pre-broken” anyway.

Only Premium Materials Here

If it’s cheap, Bradford does not use it. Their knives are made with premium super steels like AEB-L and N690, and their knives are made with handle scale materials that are effectively bombproof.

Many Bradford Knives are made with G10 and Micarta scales, although a few are also made with wood scales which, though more difficult to care for, are aesthetically beautiful.

There Are Classic Designs in Their Catalog

If you’ve become jaded looking at modern knife designs sporting needle points, recurves, Karambit-style blades, and Wharnies, then Bradford may be for you.

One might almost call their designs demure. They sport classic curves, straight backs, and simple figuring. There’s nothing about them that seems flashy or off-putting.

They’re designed to be simple workhorses, and that’s what they are. But of course, there is also beauty in simplicity, too.

They’re Guaranteed for Life

One more thing about Bradford Knives: they’re guaranteed for life. If your blade is ever damaged or needs sharpening, they’ll handle it – something that’s becoming increasingly rare among modern companies.

Where Can You Get Great Prices on Bradford Knives?

While this testimonial might be glowing, if you’re really interested in a new Bradford for your collection, a picture says a thousand words.

Take a glance at their catalog online over at They carry a wide selection of Bradford Knives as well as knives from other top manufacturers in the industry, offer great prices, and orders in the U.S. get free shipping.

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