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What You’ll Love About a Spyderco Pocket Knife

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While not every Spyderco pocket knife will boast exactly the same looks, chances are you can spot one of these a mile off.

They all more or less feature a high, humpbacked design with a leaf-shaped blade profile and almost all (if not all of them) feature thumb holes instead of studs or other deployment mechanisms.

Do you know what else you can say about Spyderco knives?

Well, two things, really, come to mind. One is that they are expensive. The other is that they are widely acclaimed by users from all walks of life, from collectors to paramilitary personnel.

So we have to wonder – what is it that you’ll love about a Spyderco pocket knife?

The Humpbacked, Leaf-Shaped Design

Number one is the actual design. This thing that makes the Spyderco so immediately recognizable is also a big selling point.

The high, humpbacked design creates a natural thumb ramp to which Spyderco adds aggressive jimping. This makes it easy to maintain a sure grip in even the worst conditions.

The other is a leaf-shaped blade profile, which is wide near the shoulder and tapers somewhat narrowly toward the point. This use of wider steel stock adds durability to the overall blade profile and helps minimize the occurrence of tip breakage.

The Full Flat Grind

Far and away Spyderco pocket knives feature full flat grinds that extend all the way to the spine. Not only is this a very attractive feature, but it makes the knives very effective at slicing tasks.

Whether you’re carving feathersticks, cutting through a seatbelt, or stripping upholstery from an old seat, a Spyderco was made to slice.

That full flat grind is also much easier to sharpen than half-flat and hollow ground blades.

The “Spydiehole”

Spyderco ditched the thumb studs and flippers in favor of thumb hole openers, which most fans call “Spydieholes.”

These are naturally ambidextrous (unlike thumb studs) and can never fall out. Also, they’re extremely fidget friendly, which some other users count as a bonus.

Lock Types

Plenty of Spyderco pocket knives are made with classic lock types like lock backs and liner locks, but some are also made with unique, proprietary locks like bolt-action locks and Spyderco’s Compression Lock, which is strong and easy to use.

The Use of Premium Blade Steels

Don’t get this wrong, there are tons of other Spydies out there with XCrXXMoV blades that are fairly affordable, but Spyderco makes a lot of knives with super steels like VG-10 and CPM-S30V which are widely regarded for their edge retention, durability, and corrosion resistance.

Spyderco’s Salt line is even made with H1 steel that is specifically designed to be used in marine environments, and which offers exceptional corrosion resistance.

Lightweight, Durable Scale Materials

Texturing aside (which is also a selling point) many Spydies are made with G10 and FRN scales, which are not only lightweight, but which are non-absorbent, naturally sunlight and oil-resistant, but which are also maintenance-free.

Where They’re Made

Another big selling point of Spyderco knives is that many of them are made in the United States. When they aren’t made in the U.S., they are often made in Taiwan, Japan, and even Italy.

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