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Which Type of Golf Club Bags to Buy

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Before you run off to buy golf club bags like it’s your last chance, you may want to stop and do a little perusing online to figure out how many options you have to choose from. It is not so simple as wanting a golf club bag and picking up the first one you see. You need to know which ones there are and what your needs are. When those two things meet, you can find the exact type of golf bag that you needed all along. You might be surprised by the range of styles there are, but with each one serving different needs from the next, it will start to make sense why there are so many. Make sure you read about each type of bag before you go out and buy golf club bags.

One of the more popular types of golf club bags is the carry bag. It is a lightweight bag that is meant to go with you as you carry your clubs around the golf course. The shoulder straps are secure and designed to rest comfortably over your shoulders so that the weight is evenly distributed. You can usually find them with a backpack-style strap for added comfort. With these bags, you offer up storage room for the sake of convenient carrying.

Cart bags are for bringing with you on a golf cart. They are designed to sit securely in a golf cart being strapped in and have easy access into the pockets from that position. Because they are not meant to be carried much, they are larger and heavier than other types but offer more storage.

If you only want to buy golf club bags to have large amounts of storage at any time, then you want to look at staff bags. These bags are by far the heaviest and largest of all. These bags feature enough storage to hold plenty of clubs and golf accessories. For many, they are actually too large to use practically speaking.

Stand golf bags are pretty versatile and well-rounded, so they are good for those who want a bit of everything all in one. These bags get their name from their kickstand feature with legs that pop out, giving them the ability to stand upright on their own when you place them somewhere. You can go out for a game of golf and bring your stand bag with you across the green, leaving it right by your side as you play. Stand golf bags also have the feature of being able to sit well in a golf cart, which means that you can comfortably use them either way.

Travel golf bags are the most lightweight bags available. Well suited for bringing on trips, travel bags are smaller than the other kinds and are found in two main forms. One is a harder, heavier case for protection of the contents. The other is made with a flexible fabric that you can carry around easily. They will include padding to help keep your golf clubs safe in transit.

Be sure to keep all of these things in mind the next time you browse around online looking to buy golf club bags. There is a good number of golf club bags for you to look over before making your purchasing decision. You want the best one to meet your needs and want in a bag so that you will enjoy your investment for years to come. Once you are sure about what you want, or ready to see what are the options for each category, you will want to pay a visit to Dallas Golf. You want to feel confident before you commit and buy golf club bags of any kind.

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