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Who Needs a 32” unicycle?

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Sources on the inside suggest that your average unicycle rider has about 3 unicycles, give or take. It’s like having a set of wrenches, if you think about it. One size cannot do it all.

Just so with unicycles. Without a chain drive, handling and top speed are governed pretty much solely by two things: Wheel size of the tire and crank length. Then it is up to the rider and their skill level as a rider.

That is, unless you get a unicycle with a different wheel size. Smaller unicycles are slower and don’t handle bumpy terrain as well but they are much more agile. Conversely, the larger the tire, the higher the top speed – at the expense of handling.

It makes sense, then, that for speed you want to go as large as possible – a 36” unicycle – whereas for handling you should shrink down as far as you can – to a 20” or smaller.

But these extreme compromises are not always necessary. There are better ways – which brings up the matter of unicycles with 32 inch tires. Let’s take a closer look.

Compared to the 36”?
With the largest tires out there, 36” unicycles are capable of the highest speeds. They’re also better on slightly rougher terrain and can produce a really smooth ride on blacktop.

And so, for touring, long-distance riding, racing, and commuting, these larger one-wheelers are often seen as the top choice. Why not just go for the biggest you can get?

Well, considering the rise of unicycles with 32 inch tires, there’s a lot to love about them. One thing is that they’re almost as fast – shy by about 1 mph, depending on strength and stamina of the rider – and handle so much better.

This has to do with wheel size and rotational momentum. It is easier to start and stop a smaller wheel, and on top of that, unicycles with 32 inch tires handle about the same as a model with a 29-inch wheel.

Compared to the 27.5” and 29”?
There are also 27.5” unicycles (popular among mountain unicyclists, also known as muni riders) and 29” unicycles, both of which are slower, but handle better than, unicycles with 36” tires.

But compared to the 32”? They lose a little bit of their edge, because the 32” is considerably faster (by several mph) and a unicycle with 32 inch tires will handle just about the same as they do – perhaps a little bit less agile.

32 Inch Tires: The Sweet Spot
As we’ve explored, the 32 inch tire deserves more time in the spotlight, as it is highly redeemable. It’s fast, handles well, and can be seen almost as a hybrid between the larger models and the smaller models, one that both handles well and is quite fast.

That is to say, if you’re torn between speed and handling and don’t know if you want something in the 27.5” to 29” class or much larger, hit the middle ground and make your next one-wheeler a 32”.

I’m Sold: Where Can I Get a Unicycle with 32 Inch Tires?
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