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Why a Kershaw Pocket Knife Is a Great Choice for EDC

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There’s a reason why so many people around the country have a Kershaw pocket knife in their EDC rotation. Actually, there isn’t a reason – there are many. Here are some of the best of them.

1. Smooth, solid opening mechanisms
An EDC knife has to be portable, convenient, comfortable and accessible. A lot of factors go into that, but one of them is how easy it is to deploy the blade. Alright, so some of you will choose a small fixed blade or a neck knife because deployment is instant, and we get that. For most people, however, folding is just easier to carry and more convenient.

At the same time, a folding knife needs to open easily, conveniently and fluidly. Kershaw knives have some of the best assisted opening technology on the market, with SpeedSafe Assisted opening and flipper mechanisms that open at a touch. Kershaw makes many an automatic knife that is easy and quick to open and just as easy to put away. Sometimes, when your hands are full, you need to be able to draw a knife easily, with one hand – and a Kershaw knife is tops for that.

2. Tough locks
Kershaw pocket knives are also made with tough locking mechanisms. Most of them are made with liner locks and frame locks that allow for no play in the blade and an excellent, rock-solid lockup as soon as the blade deploys. The lock keeps you safe and makes the knife more practical – you need something tough, and a Kershaw is made for it.

3. A trend toward tough synthetic handle materials
Let’s face an unfortunate reality – EDC knives get beat up badly. There’s something to the fact that you will literally carry these everyday, and the sad truth is that things that are used every day often get less care than those that are only used periodically or ceremoniously.

That means EDC knives get dirty, wet and greasy, and they’re often left in pockets for weeks on end with little care and attention. That’s why for most EDC knives, function is more important than form. It’s also the reason that Kershaw pocket knives are typically made with synthetic handle materials in place of pretty wood or bone scales of other, more flashy pocket knives like Case Knives and some Buck Knives.

A lineup of Kershaw Knives is likely to show off scales made from aluminum, nylon, G10, or carbon fiber, all materials that are basically inert and bombproof. These materials will not respond poorly to corrosive agents, will not absorb water, sweat or oil, and will stand up admirably to abrasion. They’re the kind of materials that you can use over and over again with effectively no maintenance at all.

4. You can choose that steel that works best for you
Finally, Kershaw gives the consumer a lot of choice in what type of steel blade he or she wants. For most of us, a cheap, stainless steel, carbon-chrome-moly alloy is great, because they’re tough, resistant to breakage, and despite the fact that they’re soft, can be easily resharpened. They also have great resistance to corrosion. On the other hand, if you need an EDC knife that will stay razor sharp for a month and a half without any touch-ups, Kershaw makes knives from higher-end steels like S30V. Their Blur, for example, can be made with this type of steel. Not all knife makers offer the same variety of choice.

These are some of the best reasons that a Kershaw pocket knife makes a great addition to an EDC rotation, though you may have some of your own. Either way, the case may be that you were looking for a Kershaw knife itself instead of a justification for one, in which case you should visit White Mountain Knives at Their collection is great, their prices are great, and they offer free shipping – what more could you ask for? Pick up your next Kershaw there today.

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