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Why Airsoft Shotguns for Sale Deserve Your Attention

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Airsoft shotguns for sale lose out in almost every way to the cooler AEGs that litter the competitive airsoft field. It’s at the point that some players even see airsoft shotguns as more of a gimmick than an effective tool for competitive play. Airsoft shotguns lack the kind of functionality that most AEGs have, it is true, but then again, so do GBB pistols and spring airsoft sniper rifles. They are all different, and should not be assessed using the same metrics.

Provided you use them in a manner consistent with their advantages, airsoft shotguns are worth every ounce of attention you will provide them. There are quite a few good reasons that more than one competitive player has made the decision to carry one into an airsoft match, even if most other players carry other, more popular designs.

First, they are tough and reliable. There are no sensitive electrical systems to go haywire or batteries to go dead. The spring models are fast and powerful, and more importantly, reliable. Spring airsoft guns can get beat up pretty badly and keep delivering. Despite the fact that most players don’t use them because of their low rates of fire, they can be effective.

However, they’re not your only option. An airsoft shotgun for sale like the Tokyo Marui M870 offers some advantages over the more common spring airsoft shotguns. Notably, as this system takes gas propellant, it has a very smooth racking action and is fairly powerful, capable of reaching nearly 350 FPS with .20g BBs and green gas.

Now, we won’t try to convince you that a semi-automatic system can be cycled as fast as, or reach the same rate of fire as a fully automatic AEG, but it’s fast. It’s so fast that pump airsoft shotguns have been used effectively in CQB encounters, which is something else that deserves attention.

The 30 round magazine (shaped like a 12 gauge shell) that comes with this airsoft shotgun might be limited, but this model offers a selective fire feature, enabling you to fire between 3 and 6 rounds per shot. You can make a highly effective CQB arm out of this airsoft shotgun, especially with 6 round bursts and a little bit of practice getting fast-cycling the action. Plus, even though the individual shell mags are limited, this airsoft shotgun has room for more than one inside its simulated tube mag.

Fast, reliable, powerful and fairly effective as a CQB airsoft gun, an airsoft shotgun can be a really unique tool for a match that is much more than a novelty item, especially when paired with a capable GBB pistol with an extended mag. Plus, it’s also suitable for players to carry into a CQB match, especially if they’ll be covered by supporting infantry who are equipped with AEGs. The combination of automatic fire and bursts has the potential to be highly effective.

Finally, there is the undeniable elephant in the room, which is the cool factor of the platform. You might never have any intention of carrying an airsoft shotgun into a match, but you can still have a lot of fun with this type of airsoft gun out back. Like spring-powered airsoft guns or even the more popular electric airsoft guns, a gas-powered airsoft shotgun can be a blast – pun intended.

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