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Why and how to run a website audit to evaluate your site’s competitive advantage

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Your business website is the visiting card of your business. In today’s competitive scenario, your site must be completely optimized for inviting the maximum search engine traffic to be able to attract more customers, sales and profits. To ascertain how well your site is performing, it is necessary to conduct a website audit and identify all the possible website issues. A good site audit can help find out what is missing in SEO, are there any broken links or files, is the site loading quickly, has the site all the user friendly qualities, is the content top-notch one to meet the robust expectations of search engines and customers and so on. Though your site might be getting traffic, a site audit can help it reach its fullest potential. Here are the ways to conduct an effective site audit. Further a good web design services Calgary can help you optimize your site to the best of its capabilities.

Steps to running a site audit
Choose a good site audit tool from the plenty of options you have in front of you. Usually paid versions of good site audit tools have the best capabilities and reliability. A good site audit tool can help you scan your website to locate any technical problems, identify off-page and on-page SEO issues, identify the broken links and files, locate any duplicate or weak content, identify the page errors and issues with regard to page loading, find out the blocked pages, and generate checklists of problems to fix. A good SEO tool can be very useful in identifying website issues and decide which platform is the best one for you. a good idea you can try is to try the free trial version of different site audit platforms to decide which one is a good option for you.

Steps in running a site audit

• Use the site audit tool to run your site URL

• Find out the technical errors and fix them to make your site run smoothly, load quickly and work in a user-friendly way. Even fixing a handful of errors can help enhance your site’s performance significantly.

• A number of issues can impact the SEO. Identify all the possible issues that are affecting the site’s performance on the search engines and set them right to improve your site’s capabilities to appear on top results.

• Analyze the user experience, site design and the site content and improve them as needed.

Working with a good web design services Calgary can help optimize your site to its fullest potential which is a sure way to generate more business and profits.

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