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Why Are Magento SEO Services So Different?

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Most eCommerce business owners are used to traditional SEO services. Today, most people have a general understanding of search engine optimization and the tasks that they entail. If you ask most eCommerce merchants, or even regular WordPress users, what their favorite marketing method is, they will claim they do some combination of keyword research, technical website tweaking, and link building strategy, or just spew out the three magic letters.

Most eCommerce and content management platforms are created in such a way that they remove many of the challenges we faced when building websites was almost an occult art. Not many remember it, but building a website 20 years ago was something a few select programmers could do, and they set up their own websites or were hired by big brands to build sites that would outcompete anything we mortals could ever devise.

Then, eCommerce platforms came to the rescue and made the whole website building process a breeze, allowing users to build fairly decent websites without having to write a single line of code. Merchants could set up a completely functional online store that looked professional and organized in less than a day.

This model remains to this day. If you have used Shopify or BigCommerce, you understand how easy it is to start selling right away. Their tools and templates are so intuitive, my 11-year-old son was able to launch a T-Shirt online store on BigCommerce in a few minutes and the only help he needed from me was my credit card. However, he soon realized there were things he could not do on the platform, and I was not about to give him a lecture about headless eCommerce and backend-frontend separation.

I knew there were easier ways to remove the shackles these platforms impose on users for the sake of usability. For example, going open source allows users with a wider knowledge of website programming, or maybe just users with a bit more patience, to create online stores that can be customized to the last detail.

I found that Magento is the best platform in this regard. Their free version is incredibly flexible and provides tools that are powerful enough to put all other platforms to shame. And their paid version, or Magento Enterprise, provides tools that are specific for business growth and increased revenue.

The good thing is that the platform does have a “training wheel” mode. They have added many customizable templates and plugins so you can play with the platform the same way you would with Shopify and BigCommerce and learn the ropes. But you can get rid of those gradually and never feel constrained by the source code.

As you can imagine, SEO becomes a little more complicated when using free reign platforms. However, it can also be more rewarding in the long run as your website can be completely customized for performance, something that is extremely difficult to do with platforms that impose their own logic and come bloated with useless hidden code that ultimately impacts load speeds and performance. The level of customization you can achieve on Magento gives users the power to adjust the whole customer experience to the last detail. This includes the navigation structure which has increasingly become an important SEO factor that only digital marketing specialists can correctly address through Magento SEO services.

To truly enjoy the benefits of a top-performing website, you need the help of a Magento SEO services provider with extensive experience in open source projects. 1DigitalⓇ Agency specializes in optimizing eCommerce stores that require higher levels of customization and need to implement tools that are technically off-limits for regular developers.

If you want to take your Magento store to the next level, contact our expert Magento developers today.

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