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Why CCELL Palm Vapes Are Awesome (Everything That Makes Them Great)

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One of the cool things about vaping technology is that there’s always something new to look forward to. Obviously, you don’t know what it is yet, though. That’s half the fun.

Vape companies like CCELL are continuously pushing the envelope of ergonomics and performance, and systems like their CCELL Palm have redefined the vaping experience.

If you’re interested in a new vape system and have some spare funds to devote to your hobby, here’s what the CCELL Palm Vape offers.

The CCELL Palm is named – you guessed it – because it’s perfectly sized and shaped to fit in the palm of your hand.

It features a sleek yet durable aluminum alloy body (42x55x12.8mm and only 45.5 grams) that is compact yet powerful. It’s small enough to slip into a pocket and perfect for on-the-go living.

The CCELL takes a powerful Palm Vape battery (included) which is impressively long-lasting. A single full charge can get you through 200 puffs or more.

The battery is one of the biggest selling points of the CCELL Palm. the 550 mAh battery is compact yet powerful and some users have commented that they were able to burn through two 510 carts with some juice to spare before it needed a recharge.

The CCELL Palm Vape is also compatible with 510 vape cartridges and comes with a magnetic adapter for them. The magnetic connection is not only convenient but helps prevent damage that can occur through overtightening what would be threaded connections.

So the Palm is built for practicality, as well.

While the CCELL Palm Vape does not allow for manual adjustments to power or temperature, it does feature self-adjusting technology that easily reaches and maintains an optimal temperature and delivers a high-quality vaping experience.

One of the key draws of the CCELL Palm Vape system is simplicity. There are no controls to get lost in, and the Palm is draw-activated.

Simply attach one of your favorite 510 vape cartridges using the magnetic adapter and inhale. The auto-draw interface will activate – you can tell from the convenient LED light on the top of the battery.

The CCELL Palm is powerful, two. Even though it can’t be manually adjusted, the battery’s output voltage is between 3.3 to 3.5V, which can produce some really nice vapor clouds with most cartridges.

Charging is convenient, too. You don’t need to carry any special cables or adapters – just a micro-USB cable. It can usually fully charge in less than 2 hours.

All in all, the CCELL Palm comes highly recommended. They are small, light, discreet, convenient, and, for most vapers, powerful enough to last through multiple vaping sessions.

Another great thing about the CCELL Vape is the price. Of course, it varies by seller, but you can usually find the Palm for under $50.

Prices in line with $25-$45 are much more in line with averages.

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