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Why Every Juul Vaper Needs a Juul Phone Attachment

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We get it. Once you’re hooked on the Juul, it’s hard to not take it everywhere with you. And everywhere means literally everywhere you go. How could you not take it with you everywhere? A Juul is so tiny, discreet, and slim that it’s so easy to slip it into your back pocket or hold it in your hand as you walk down the street or run some errands. As easy and convenient as Juuls can be, they do come with some downfalls.

The first and most common downfall that comes with a Juul is that it’s so small and discreet, that it can be incredibly easy to misplace or lose. This proves a problem if you are constantly puffing away at your Juul and can’t run to the store to find a replacement device.

Another common issue that arises when using a Juul, is that the battery constantly runs out. This can also be quite annoying if you’re out running errands, with friends or family, or can’t escape to any nearby outlet to quickly charge up your device.

I’m sure that you’ve found your way around these issues, whether making sure your device is fully charged before you head out for the day or potentially bringing back up pods or devices in case something happens. However, sometimes those can be equally as inconvenient. There has to be some other solution to your problems as a frequent Juul user.

If you are someone that enjoys hitting your Juul many times during the day, is finding yourself constantly misplacing your Juul, or you always run into a dead battery, there is only one solution that would make your life much easier. The accessories from Vaportronix are just the thing to rid you of any inconveniences with your Juul.

Vaportonix has an ultimate mission. That mission is for people to have other options when deciding to stay away from cigarettes. Using a Juul is a great alternative to smoking cigarettes, yet the inconveniences and annoyances from using a Juul at times could persuade someone to go back to the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes. Now, with the help of Vaportronix and the VQ Volt, that never has to happen again.

If you’re interested in seeing what the VQ Volt has to offer, check out their website at vqvolt.com. There, you will find the first-ever Juul phone attachment that can come with your wherever you go.

Plus, if you do end up misplacing or losing your Juul device and are in need of a new Juul device or even a new charger, this website provides replacements, as well. But, with the help of the VQ Volt, you’ll never have to replace another Juul device again. Wherever you go, the VQ Volt will also go with you.

Check out their website at vqvolt.com or follow them on their social media accounts. Check out their Facebook or Instagram to see customer reviews and posts about their products.

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