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Why Everyone Can [and Should] Take Advantage of Flower Boxes

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If you’ve always wanted to brighten up your home with a little greenery or some precious blooms, don’t fall prey to the (often incorrect) supposition that you don’t have the space. A simple fix like a set of flower boxes for your home’s windows or porch or deck railings can give you all the space and flexibility you need – here’s why anyone can and should take advantage of them!

Flexibility with Placement
You can’t really change the layout of your home or any yard space you have. If your deck doesn’t get enough light or there just isn’t room in your yard for a garden, a flower box can solve that problem.

Nearly all homes have windows facing every direction, which gives you the ability to place flower boxes in the most opportune spot to receive the ideal daily exposure to sunlight. If one side doesn’t work – just move on over to the other.

Flower Boxes Provide Extra Space for a Little Greenery
Another thing to consider is that some homes – such as apartments in urban areas – just don’t have any land for growing plants – and many popular cultivars won’t grow well inside in planters.

They will, however, grow better outside in a flower box with exposure to sunlight and open air. Even the smallest apartment can magically be expanded by hanging a planter box out of the window – it’s an instant improvement and gives you space to grow herbs, flowers, or ornamentals!

Just because you don’t have the grounds doesn’t mean you can grow your own greenery. You just need to get creative with what you want to grow and pick up some flower boxes.

Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home
Another great thing about window boxes and planters is that you can use them to add curb appeal to your home – whether or not you even plant anything in them!

Choose a beautiful unique rail planter or flower box and add it to the outside of your home. Aesthetically pleasing models will offer no small measure of dignity and allure, even if you plant nothing.

Moreover, if you want, you can use window boxes or flower pots as a blank canvas for decorations – you can plant little ornaments in them or season decorations instead of plants – to show off some extra color throughout the seasons.

Flower Boxes: Not Just for Flowers!
While you can really make your house pop with some seasonal blooms like marigolds, begonias, petunias, and other flowers, flower boxes are also great for ornamentals and herbs.

Have you ever wanted to grow your own delicious herbs at home but never thought you had the space? A flower box will offer you room for herbs like basil, thyme, mint, oregano, and even cold-hardy species like rosemary and lavender that you can use to brighten both your windows and your home-cooked meals.

In addition, growing plants is suggested to reduce stress and can help save you money over buying herbs.

Discover Uncommon Quality at H Potter
If you’re serious about expanding your home’s decor with flower boxes and inviting some fresh blooms or greenery in your life, don’t compromise on quality.

Visit H Potter at hpotter.com and discover a whole world of handmade quality. Their flower boxes, like everything they sell, are handcrafted by skilled artisans and made from premium materials include solid copper, durable powder coated iron and stainless steel.

Their products are unique and exhibit rare, high quality. There’s also plenty of variety in their online shop, with designs that will suit your tastes, whatever they are.

Visit their website and check out their collection of window boxes and planters, and if you have any questions, contact them at 208-640-4206.

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